“The break with Canelo hurt my feelings,” says Óscar de la Hoya

La ruptura con Canelo hirió mis sentimientos, asegura Óscar de la Hoya

Oscar de la hoya ensures that the legal break he had with Saúl ‘Canelo’ Álvarez, who recently declared a free agent, hurt his feelings because he had developed a personal attachment to the fighter.

“You will never want to be separated like this. It literally hurt my feelings, “he said. From the pot in statements for Dan Rafael from Boxing Scene. “I remember that (the president of Top rank and former promoter of From the pot) Bob arum He once said to me when I was younger, ‘Never, never make it personal with any fighter. Never make it personal. You obviously know this from experience. So I finally know what he’s talking about.

From the pot knows that the path continues despite the absence of Canelo, and although the breakup was all legal and professional, personally it was painful. This, because they were working together for around 10 years and achieved many important achievements together.

However, the relationship was very fractured, even reaching the point where there was no communication between them, and From the pot He believes that it was all due to third parties who began to speak in his ear to Canelo.

“The big problem and the problem for many fighters, and I have some experience, are all the whispers in their ears,” he said. From the pot. “Everyone whispers in your ears saying you deserve more money, the grass is greener on the other side, that they can do better. The bottom line is that everyone who’s been with us, all the fighters we’ve promoted, you know, that grass isn’t greener on the other side. It is proven. So the biggest problem was and will continue to be the whispering in the boxers’ ears.

De La Hoya compares the problem with Canelo as a marriage

“That’s the problem. Boxers are so accessible unlike any other sport, like basketball, where they are protected by their attorneys and agents. A boxer is so gullible and vulnerable that anyone can talk to you and convince you that the grass is greener (elsewhere). I compare this (the situation with Alvarez) to a marriage. Just because you are having your hard times doesn’t mean you are getting divorced. You have to solve it. We had a solid relationship and who knows where it broke down. Who knows what people whispered to him, but the boxer is so gullible and so accessible to anyone that it makes it very difficult to have such long-term relationships with the elite.

Alvarez (53-1-2, 36 KO’s) became a free agent and recent interview with ESPN, commented that he wants to employ thoroughly and take his company to the top, Canelo Promotions, but thanks to his good relations with other promoter companies, he plans to work with them as well.

In fact, the aforementioned work has already begun and the Mexican will be measuring himself at Callum smith from Matchroom Boxing, company led by Eddie hearn, next December 19 at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas.

From the pot commented that he is very curious that the Canelo almost immediately when an exclusive agreement with DAZN and billionaire (11 fights, five years and $ 365 million who still had a total of eight fights and $ 270 million), will fight again under the banner of DAZN for much less money.

“Who knows what kind of deal they made. It was weird. It was strange, ”he said From the pot. “It’s the perfect situation where you’ll find out the hard way that the grass isn’t greener on the other side. He will earn significantly less than 35 million.

Nothing personal, all strictly professional

But despite everything, to From the pot There is nothing personal and he confessed that he will be one of the first to see the Mexican fight with Callum smith and also foresees that Alvarez will have significant challenges for the future.

“I love boxing, first I am a boxer. Canelo it’s the biggest name in the sport right now, so absolutely, I’ll watch it, ”he said. From the pot. “It’s fun to watch and I’m sure to enjoy the fight.”

“There are some great fights ahead of him, some dangerous fights ahead of him where he will face Callum smith. But we must admit that he is not a young man of 30, all the wear, all the operations that he has had on his body. So obviously that takes its toll. But regardless, it’s great to have a Canelo fighting. It’s a high-profile name and it’s great for sports.

The breaking of Canelo Y From the pot has given a lot to talk and debate, and there are even people who have compared this situation with the one that Oscar lived at the time with his former promoter, Bob arum, in Top Rank.

De La Hoya does not close the door to return with Álvarez

For Oscar it is still a possibility more than latent that sooner or later he returns to work with Canelo; nothing is personal and everything is business.

“It is proven”, he explains From the pot. “We know that when the fighters leave us or the fighters try to go and see if the grass is greener on the other side, we know for sure that they will come back because we have the best business formula that generates large numbers, yes. promote events and give you the high profile visibility you need. I am never closed to anyone.

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