Amazing! BKFC’s clean punch boxing causes less brain damage than MMA

Amazing!  BKFC's clean punch boxing causes less brain damage than MMA

The sport that raged, Bare Knuckle FC (BKFC), stands out for his fist fights and disfigured faces every evening. This is practiced in the United States, based in Philadelphia, but it is already known in every part of the world. The spectacular nature of it goes through the blows without gloves, the damage it can cause in its athletes is totally different. Without protections, matches tend to end with a lot of blood on the mat, but now it has become known that brain injuries are less than in the MMA.

Being so, David feldman, the President of the company, began by saying: “Which I have always put it this way: I never said that BKFC is safer than boxing or MMA. What I always said is that it is not more dangerous. I’ve been saying this for 10 years trying to get states to legalize me. Earlier, I was pitching about the research I did and what we thought was going to happen. Now we have statistics. We have two and a half years of research showing that our sport is no more dangerous than boxing or MMA.

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“I am happy that those studies came out. It’s spreading like wildfire in America’s athletic commissions, so that’s amazing for us there. All combat sports are dangerous. Anything can happen at boxing championships, MMA or Bare Knuckle Fighting. We are happy that it is no more dangerous than those other sports and hopefully we can push this with all the other states. That is what we believe this study will do for us, “he also reported.

The data surprised many

For his part, the president of BKFC He stressed the following: “It was a sense of vindication because this is what we have been saying and now the studies are really very convincing and express exactly what we have been saying. That was tremendous. The other thing I’ve learned is that no matter what you post anywhere, people will find a way to say something crazy. The study came out, people talked about it and said ‘they don’t have enough data, it’s only two and a half years.’

You can’t satisfy everyone. It’s crazy. But for us, as an organization, that that study comes out, that those numbers come out, is a tremendous asset for us. I think it says a lot if you’re going to be successful at something, it’s how you do it during a time of adversity. They gave us this like everyone else in the world, a lot of adversity. I thought that we navigated through this pandemic correctly and it is very exciting with all the fan base that we have won, “acknowledged the American businessman.

To conclude with his words, David feldman expressed, “Our fan base has basically doubled in the last four months, so that’s tremendous for us during this time. I don’t know if we could say that of many other combat sports organizations, but it didn’t stop us at all. We found a way to do things during this pandemic, to make good signings and add great people to this card. Life is not easy, but in order to navigate through this, we are very, very happy for what 2021 will bring us. “

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