Exciting! Romain Grosjean received a beautiful tribute from his children

Romain Grosjean

The sports career of Romain grosjean in the Formula 1 it ended prematurely. The accident that he starred in at the Bahrain Grand Prix caused injuries that finally did not heal in time. This made the doctors who are carrying out the recovery of the pilot of Haas, they will advise you not to get in the car this weekend.

The Frenchman finished his career in Formula 1, but was left with a victory that nobody expected: that of survival. Grosjean confessed that he relaxed when he saw the fire in the car, since at that moment he imagined that he was going to lose his life there. However, the help of the commissioners and the thought of his children caused the miracle and finally he only had burns on his leg and hands.

Of collection! New helmets in the last race of Formula 1

His children are precisely the protagonists of this episode in Grosjean’s life. The French rider presented a special helmet for this weekend, despite not being present at the top of the car. Grosjean public in his social networks a new helmet, which has a very special design. The publication quickly became full of ‘likes’ for the emotionality.

“This is the most beautiful helmet I could imagine. It was created by Sacha, Simon and Camille for my last Formula 1 race in Abu Dhabi. I will try to wear it in the future because it is too nice to stay at home to use it, “said Grosjean on his Instagram account. The helmet has drawings that were made by hand. In addition, it was made prior to the accident in Bahrain.

“I’m going to die”

A few days ago, Grosjean reported that he felt very afraid after hitting the barrier. «The least pleasant moment in which my body began to relax. I’m at peace with myself and I think I’m going to die. I asked myself the question: is my shoe going to burn, or my foot or my hand? Is it going to be painful? Where are you going to start? », Said the French to a media in his country.

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