No longer want? Joshua’s listless attitude when asked about a fight with Tyson Fury

La apática y extraña actitud de Joshua cuando le preguntaron sobre la pelea con Tyson Fury

After the victory by way of the knockout of Anthony Joshua before Kubrat Pulev, the champion starred in a strange interview with British television in which he did not seem very willing to participate in promoting a fight against Tyson fury.

Joshua and his sullen attitude to promote the fight with Tyson Fury

Anthony Joshua and its promoter, Eddie hearn, they took the microphone from Sky Sports to answer the questions of the interviewer, who insisted on putting on the table the issue of the fight between Joshua and Fury.

However, Joshua didn’t seem to be very interested in a fight with Fury, since in his post-fight interview, although he did not evade the question at all, his attitude was reluctant, and apathetic to add to the promotion.

When asked about the future, Joshua cut off the interviewer’s question. He replied that as a fighter it is not his job to ask people, but rather the job of the interviewer as a promoter to Sky Sports. At that moment, the face of Eddie hearn it was uncomfortable, as the fighter was not lending himself to promotion.

“You ask the fans,” he said Joshua. “I don’t ask the fans. You do it. That’s your job as a promoter of Sky. You ask the crowd what they want to see. I am ready for anything. Look at my resume. Ask them and that’s it. Your question. Give them some names.

But the man from Sky Sports he didn’t stick with Joshua’s answer and was much more direct.

“Okay,” he asked the crowd. Who wants to see Anthony Joshua fight with Tyson fury in 2021? »

AND Joshua He insisted that this was not his job, but that of his promoter.

«That is the job of Eddie hearn“, said Joshua about a duel with his compatriot Fury. “That is the job of 258 Management. Look bro, I started this game in 2013. I’ve been chasing all the belts. I’ve been dealing with obligatory rivals. Of course, I want a challenge. It is not about the opponent. It’s about the legacy and the belt. Whoever has the belt, I would love to compete with him. If that is Tyson fury, to be Tyson fury. He’s not a big deal. “

Faced with the sullen and reluctant attitude of Anthony Joshua, Eddie hearn he stepped in to ease the tension.

“Starting tomorrow, we will be nice and friendly. Less words and more action. This is the only fight that can be made in boxing. It is the biggest fight in the history of English boxing », mediated Hearn.

Tyson Fury’s reaction on social media

Tyson fury, who was inevitably watching the fight on television, noticed the apathetic attitude of Anthony Joshua at the interview.

“Well there you have it,” he said Tyson Fury in a video uploaded to his account Twitter. “Anthony Joshua just shit live on television. They asked him if he wanted the fight, and he dodged the question and put his butt in the air. I want the fight! I want my next fight to be with him! I’ll knock him out in three rounds! He’s a big bum. I can’t wait to knock him out.

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