Shakur Stevenson wanted to fight Oscar Valdez, after postponing fight with Berchelt; says they avoid it

Shakur Stevenson quería pelea contra Óscar Valdez, al posponerse pelea con Berchelt; dice que lo evitan

Shakur stevenson revealed that when the fight between Miguel Berchelt and Oscar Valdez, after Berchelt contracted Covid-19, he raised his hand to fight against Valdez, but they didn’t want to.

«Once they said that the fight of Valdez and Berchelt it wasn’t going to happen, I really wanted to be a part of it and fight Valdez, Take the place of Berchelt and fight against Valdez“, said Stevenson to Boxing Scene. “But I guess the team of Valdez and they don’t want that fight right now. I think they don’t want that fight at all. I think that while they can, they will try to avoid that fight.

The combat between Berchetl and Oscar Valdez was temporarily suspended due to the Scorpion tested positive for COVID 19, but Shakur Stevenson Even with little time to prepare, he offered as a last-minute substitute, but never received a response.

Valdez I was not interested in facing Stevenson instead of Berchelt Saturday night in Las Vegas. The battle against Berchelt represents an opportunity for Valdez become a two-weight world champion as they will fight for the super featherweight title of the CMB of Berchelt every time his 12-round, 130-pound championship game is rescheduled.

The fight would have made sense, since Valdez is the number one challenger in the rankings of the CMB for the super featherweight championship of Berchelt and Shakur It’s in position number two.

Until now the idea of Top rank It remains the same; Miguel Alacrán ‘Berchelt and Oscar Valdez They will face each other in 2021 and Stevenson is confident that he will be able to meet the winner of that match next year.

Shakur has his favorite and analyzes the duel between Berchelt and Óscar Valdez

«Berchelt He’s a great fighter at 130 pounds, ”he said. Stevenson. “It’s strong, it’s uncomfortable and it’s not a normal style that you prepare for. I think Valdez he is prepared to go to war and I think he is always ready to exchange. But Berchelt He can really hit really hard and all that kind of stuff, so I think that will play a role. I think Valdez it can also hit a bit, but I think Berchelt comes with straighter bangs. Valdez is wild and I think the blows that will come faster are the straightest blows, those of Berchelt«.

Shakur stevenson will be watching action tonight from ‘The bubble‘ of the MGM Grand Conference Center of Las Vegas, in an event that will have transmission for U.S and Latin America and in Billboard Box We tell you where, at what time and on which channel to watch it.

Shakur will be measured in 10 episodes a Toka Kahn Clary in the super featherweight division (130 pounds) and the evening will also feature the participation of Puerto Ricans Felix Verdejo and Edgar berlanga.

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