South American in Chile: The Pumas 7’s thrashed Uruguay and fell to Brazil

South American in Chile: The Pumas 7's thrashed Uruguay and fell to Brazil

The Pumas 7’s they star in the weekend the South American Rugby Seven, the first tournament in which they participate since the pandemic began, in the face of what will be the Tokyo Olympics 2021.

The selected one directed by Santiago Gomez Cora will be measured in the contest, which takes place in Valparaiso, before Chile, Brazil and Uruguay, and all the games are played at the Elías Figueroa stadium.

The South American will take place on Saturday and this Sunday, and it will be the last competition to end a year in which the teams could not compete previously.

On the first day, Chile tied with Brazil in the initial match 12-12, and then Argentina thrashed Uruguay with a resounding 53 to 0. Later, the duel between Chile and Uruguay remained in the hands of the local by a tight 7-0, and the match between The Pumas and Brazil ended in victory for Los Tupis 19 to 10. The last two matches of the opening day will be the one that Brazil be measured before Uruguay, and the one Argentina be measured before Chile (15.56hs). At the close of the day a ranking will be generated.

On Sunday, the second and third of this ranking will play for the first semifinal at 11:20, and the first will do the same before the fourth for the other semifinal, at 11:44. The Bronze Cup will start at 1:42 p.m., while the final will start at 07:14.

Gomez Cora, who days ago announced the list of 18 players called up, spoke before the start of Sevens: “The idea is to focus a little on the attacking part. We had a shortcoming in the short last season in that regard. Although we had put the focus on obtaining and possession, the definition cost us a lot. It was in that area where we statistically had the highest amount of possession losses, “he said.


The Pumas 7’s came out with everything in their first South American game that is played in Valparaíso, Chile. Nine were the tries scored by those led by Santiago Gómez Cora, who also managed to finish with the unbeaten goalkeeper against the Uruguayan team. Conquests for all tastes from the hand of a medley of Argentine players: Matías Osadczuk (2), Marcos Moneta (2), Tomás Vanni, Mateo Carreras, Rodrigo Etchart, Joaquín de la Vega and Máximo Provenzano.



Tremendous 53-0 victory for the Argentines who scored a total of nine tries! in Valparaiso. (Source: South America Rugby – Photo: Chile Rugby / Francisco Fuenzalida)


The match began with a very rough defense from Brazil who was able to recover the ball on the first play of the match in an attack from Argentina, to finish in the rival ingoal and score their first try. Then, Argentina reacted with a play by Tomás Acosta Pimentel and a try by Marcos Moroni. Subsequently, Los Tupis showed a good collective move that ended in the conquests of Daniel Sancery and Moisés Duque. On closing, Santiago Álvarez Fourcade scored the discount for the Pumas 7’s, but it was not enough to turn the result around.

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