“We would rather be Maradona to be Batman or Superman”: Aimar

"We would rather be Maradona to be Batman or Superman": Aimar

Many children in Argentina grew up with Maradona as an idol, to such a degree that they preferred him over superheroes like Batman or Superman, as Pablo Aimar pointed out

Pablo Aimar, Argentine coach of the Albiceleste U-17 and ambassador of the FIFA, recalled the figure of Diego Armando Maradona nostalgically and said: “I am from the generation of 79; for us he was like a superhero, we preferred to be Maradona to be Batman, Superman or Spiderman”.

The Argentine coach spoke in an interview in which he intervened EFE on the three finalists for the FIFA The Best 2020 award, the Polish Robert Lewandowski, the Argentine Leo Messi and the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo.

Regarding the Bayern Munich player, champion of the league, German cup and Champions League, he stated that he is one of the best strikers in recent years and that “he has been at the highest level for a long time.”

But, when it was his turn to value Messi and Cristiano, he was full of praise: “They are two players worthy of admiration. It’s amazing that they hold up year after year. We and many other people vote for the awards, and they are always there, it has been 12 or 13 years in which they have not failed ”.

He also analyzed the figure of Marcelo Bielsa, the current Leeds United manager, nominated for best manager of the year by the FIFA The Best awards. “In the era of influencers, Bielsa can be said to be an influential coach, he has been so in many footballers who later became coaches, he lives football with great passion and that he transmits to the players,” he said.

Asked about the future of Messi, one of the great admirers of the “clown” Aimar, did not want to get wet: “I am nobody to tell Messi where he has to play next season ”.

Another issue on which Aimar opined was the eternal comparison between two of the greatest icons of Argentine football, Leo Messi and Diego Armando Maradona.

“It is very difficult to put them on a scale. When you see Messi and Maradona play football, you think that something like this will not be repeated. People, when they praise one, tend to demean the other, and that should not be the case, “he declared.

He also expressed his views on the changes that FIFA is introducing under the presidency of the Italian-Swiss Gianni Infantino: “I thank Infantino for opening the door to ex-footballers again so that we can occupy the place we should have.” In addition, he highlighted the impulse that the organization is giving to women’s football, “it is something beautiful and very important,” he added.

Regarding the legal case opened against the president of FIFA, accused of corruption, Aimar said: “I only know what can be read, therefore I cannot speak on that subject, I speak about what he is doing in FIFA and is positive”.

Another name that came to the fore was that of Luka Romero, the young promise of 16 years who plays in the ranks of Mallorca. “Luka is a boy with qualities to reach very high, I want to bring him to the U-17, but labels that add added pressure should not be placed on him,” said the coach.

Aimar said goodbye, remembering with longing his time as a Valencian player: “I had a very beautiful time in Valencia. Two of my children are Valencian. I have a special affection for the city ”.

“Hopefully they will reach the top again, that team disarmed, since then it has had good moments and others not so much, but surely it will return to the position it deserves,” he said.

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