Worries? Junior dos Santos and his controversial words about the cut of UFC fighters

Worries?  Junior dos Santos and his controversial words about the cut of UFC fighters

Junior dos Santos, a veteran of a thousand battles in MMA, referred in these hours to the cuts of fighters that are being made in UFC. The Brazilian assured that he is not ready to withdraw from the company and admitted that he is still prepared to fight for the belt again in the leading Mixed Martial Arts company. In any case, he admits that there is a tense climate and of great concern for the aforementioned.

Thus, the South American wrestler began by saying: «I listened to White say that, but honestly I’m focused on my next fight. I thought that Romero’s release was really strange and even unfair. What you mentioned about the possibility of Romero being expensive for the UFC is definitely far from being a reality. Nothing is expensive for the UFC. The UFC cannot say that no athlete is expensive. They all have their own relationship with the UFC, their history and the athletes are what make the show.

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“There is no way an athlete is expensive for the UFC. The UFC might want to profit from hiring cheaper athletes, but it’s not that a fighter is expensive to him. UFC because the show is always done by the athletes. I thought this Romero situation was really weird, but I haven’t given it much thought. The way our contract is structured, the UFC can release us or cancel our contracts at any time, so that is a constant in our careers, ”the Brazilian-born also explained.

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Further, two saints He elaborated on the cuts: “They may be planning massive cuts now, but that can happen at any time. It’s part of our UFC career. My intention is to always go for the victory and stay in the promotion because my main objective is to go for the belt. Unfortunately, things haven’t gone my way, but when it comes to heavyweights, everyone will always respect when they say my name. I am in a very difficult moment in my career ».

“This fight is obviously very important to me, it is a fight that I want to win like any other. I do not come to lose or draw, I am always there to win. I hope that this experience that I am living in my career favors me in the sense of achieving victory. But I am ready. That’s what really matters to me. I feel very good and I will go there to impose my strategy against my opponent “, he concluded Junior dos Santos, who does not see his exit from UFC.

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