Boca Juniors vs. Arsenal de Sarandí – Match Report – December 12, 2020

Boca Juniors vs.  Arsenal de Sarandí - Match Report - December 12, 2020

Boca equaled 1 to 1 with Arsenal in the first match of Zone A of the Championship Phase, corresponding to the Diego Armando Maradona Cup.

The xeneize won it 1 to 0 with a goal from Diego González, but at the end of the match the Sarandí team reached a draw with both from Pons.

It was the fifth game in 14 days for Boca, and that is why Miguel Angel Russo put up a team entirely made up of substitutes and youth. Peruvian Carlos Zambrano, forward Franco Soldano and Cordovan midfielder Gonzalo Maroni, as well as Jara and Buffarini, jumped onto the pitch.

The one who could not be was Mauro Zárate, starter on the last date of the local tournament in Córdoba, since he finished training on Thursday with an ailment.

Among the youth present, we must highlight the presence of Gastón Abila in defense and Exequiel Zeballos in attack, with good performances.

In an opaque first half, at 10 minutes the goalkeeper Gagliardo had to strain to take a shot from medium distance from Gonzalo Maroni, who was active at times.

The first risk for Boca’s goal was only at 19 minutes. Albertengo had it and a good reaction from Rossi sent the ball to the corner kick. Arsenal took advantage of another weak performance by Buffarini on the right side, after that week he was replaced by Jara in the clash against Inter, and for that band he generated the best situations in the match.

It was difficult for Boca to create a game and a fluid succession of passes. Arsenal let him the ball, but controlled the spaces and did not spend moments of danger. But at 29, a foul on Pulpo González opened the game. The former Racing took the ball after a rebound off the wall and scored his first goal for xeneize. The celebration came with tears included, after having overcome a severe injury that had him a year without playing.

Except for the goal, the first half was forgotten. For the start of the second half the roles were reversed. Boca left the ball to Arsenal, who stopped a few meters later in search of a tie.

Before five minutes he warned with a header in the area after a free kick from the right, and at seven, there were doubts about a penalty from Mas to Candia. It was more the visitor, before a Boca that with many substitutes did not stand in La Bombonera.

At about 30 minutes, Russo reached into the team seeking to close the result: first came Salvio and Capaldo, two of the starters in Copa Liberadores to try to recover the ball. And two minutes later, Carlos Tevez and Cardona.

It seemed that with the modifications Boca was recovering his breath and was closer to settling the lawsuit, but those from Sarandí kept looking and had their prize. First Albertengo had the possibility of a draw, after finishing with power at the goal and finding Rossi well stopped to send the ball to the corner kick.

And on the hour, in a prepared free kick play, Facundo Pons, who had entered a few minutes before, defined above Rossi after Albertengo’s assistance for the 1 to 1 final.

Boca added a new disappointment at home. After the defeat (and victory on penalties) against Inter, he could not start winning in the new stage of the Maradona Cup. He will have to make a clean slate for the games that come for the Copa Libertadores against Racing. There yes, there will be no margin of error.

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