Did he fulfill it? Kevin Holland’s prediction before killing Jacaré Souza: “I did it in seven months”

Did he fulfill it?  Kevin Holland's prediction before killing Jacaré Souza: "I did it in seven months"

Kevin Holland gave away one of the best completions of the year in the UFC 256, when he knocked out Jacare Souza in the first round. The American finished the Brazilian with a spectacular blow, leaving him totally asleep on the canvas of the Octagon. In Las Vegas, the American took one of the best finishes home. But, hours before, the winner had given a prediction of what would happen next at the Apex.

Knowing this, his first words were: “I will message Mick Maynard on Instagram and all that to try to get additional fights. I’m just annoying people trying to get what I can get. So I got on and said, ‘What’s up?’ He was like, ‘Do you want to take the Jacare fight or what?’ I was like, ‘Yeah! Why not?’ He was like, ‘Are you sure you feel okay?’ I told him I felt good.

Knockout of the year? Kevin Holland turned off the lights of Jacaré Souza and is viral in networks

What do you want me to do to prove it to you? Of course ‘I’m going to accept the Jacaré fight’. I will gladly become the alligator hunter overnight, a legendary alligator at that. I love it. I missed that fight, but now we have to Jacaré and is a legend. If I say so myself, I’m more excited for this fight than for Jack. I was excited for a main event, “he added to his remarks.

A visionary?

Analyzing what could happen this Saturday, Holland He stated: “If I won the Jack fight, it would place me in the rankings, but it means I can’t have fun. It was like, if I beat him, more of these fights would probably be main events; more camera time with you, more publicity to get you into certain fights, it was a bigger package. Beating Jacare, I can still have a little more fun. I can still step in and take last-second fights, do this, do that. I like that”.

“I can jump into the rankings and I don’t have to be in a high position. Put me there right at 15 and I can fight 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9 and I can do it all in the last second. I don’t mind, but it gives me a chance to fight multiple times. Think about it: if I knocked out five fights in a pandemic year, I did it in seven months, imagine what I can do with a total of 12 ″, he concluded. Kevin Holland, making it clear that he wants to go for the title.

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