Edgar Berlanga extended his knockout streak to 16 in the first round by beating Ulises Sierra

Edgar Berlanga extendió a 16 su racha de nocauts en el primer round al vencer a Ulises Sierra

Edgar berlanga on Saturday extended his streak to 16 straight first-round knockouts in his first 16 fights of his career by demolishing Ulises Sierra after knocking him down three times in the opening chapter.

From the first moments, the beating of Berlanga he began to feel heavy on the rival. While saw he came out brave and to you by you with the initial bell, he quickly began to lose life when he felt the violence of the Berlanga.

To bring down saw for the first time, Berlanga It did not take more than a sequence of tough right hands, of which six managed to hit the opponent who ended up kneeling. He was barely able to get up before the referee’s count ended.

In second wave, Berlanga hurt again saw mainly based on right hands. The Puerto Rican, once he feels the rival injured, always goes with his right hand as a battering ram. For the second takedown, he threw nine forehands against three lefts, and saw ended up tangled between the ropes with half his body out. He didn’t fall to the canvas, but the referee gave him a count.

saw he was already a shadow of the fighter who had started the fight just a couple of minutes ago. The fight was resumed after the second takedown, and Berlanga it was for him. A short, but explosive combination of punches, saw fell, and the referee dictated the end of the fight with just 20 seconds to finish the first round and break the streak.

With this, Edgar berlanga He already has 16 wins, without loss, with 16 knockouts, all in the first round.

Bob Arum’s reaction

Your promoter, Bob arum, immediately tweeted after the knockout of Berlanga.

«Edgar berlanga It is the biggest hitting phenomenon I have seen since the irruption of a young man Mike tyson. I am absolutely amazed when I see the incredible power of his blows from ringside, “he tweeted. Arum.

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