In a dramatic somersault, FĂ©lix Verdejo ends up knocked out by Masayoshi Nakatani

En dramĂĄtica voltereta, FĂ©lix Verdejo termina noqueado por Masayoshi Nakatani

Masayoshi Nakatani He gave the surprise tonight by coming back from a fight he had lost and in which he ended up knocking out Felix Verdejo, Saturday night in Las Vegas.

Nakatani he managed to defeat by technical knockout in nine rounds in a duel that was agreed to 10 episodes at lightweight. With this victory Masayoshi becomes the new intercontinental champion of the OMB.

The fight started in a good way for the Puerto Rican who was dominating based on his mobility, punching power, combinations and increased activity. Nakatani He never stopped looking for combat and at times he kept the Puerto Rican in serious trouble.

Verdejo he was doing a dominant fight. He moved and worked with good footwork and striking precision. The combination of one-two, with a right shot, entered the Japanese face violently, and thus achieved Verdejo what Nakatani went to the canvas in rounds one and four.

The Puerto Rican was making a fight of the highest level. He had twice knocked down an opponent who had never gone to the mat, and who had endured the 12 rounds to Teofimo Lopez. Until that moment, it was projected to be the fight that sentenced the triumphant return of FĂ©lix Verdejo to the fore.

And the somersault came for Masayoshi Nakatani

Suddenly, Nakatani began to find Verdejo with clarity and the Puerto Rican acknowledged receipt. As soon as he received the first hard blow from the Japanese, something was lost in the big fight that Verdejo I was doing.

Verdejo fell back and the Japanese managed to be working more in the middle zone and in the short distance until finally the assault arrived where Nakatani settled the shares.

It was the ninth round and in an exchange of blows, Nakatani He connected a left jab straight to the Puerto Rican’s jaw and ended up against the ropes and straight to the canvas. Verdejo He beat the ten-second count, and stood up.

Nakatani did not waste the opportunity and pounced on Verdejo, plugged it in one more time and ‘Diamond‘He would return in a noisy way to the canvas and this time the referee decided to end the fight once and for all.

The Japanese declared that he would like to face Teofimo Lopez, with whom he was defeated by unanimous decision in 2019.

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