Shocking! Deiveson Figueiredo admits he was admitted the night before UFC 256

Shocking!  Deiveson Figueiredo admits he was admitted the night before UFC 256

The champion Deiveson Figueiredo could not against Brandon Moreno at UFC 256, but the belt stayed with him. The flyweight title had a majority draw, although Las Vegas had the best fight of the night with them. As such, he remains the leader of the division, but there is already talk that there will be a rematch between the two. Anyway, the Brazilian revealed a fact that caught everyone’s attention.

Understanding the above, Figueiredo He told the press: “Last night I had a stomach infection; I was in the hospital until 2 am, I came here to fight on a windy stomach and I didn’t know if I would fight well today, and that’s what happened. This fight was to the end, but I really won. Even with a queasy stomach, I came here and won, I stood up for my thing. I gave my blood with the time and came out with my hands raised ”.

Spectacular! Deiveson Figueiredo retained the belt for a draw with Brandon Moreno

«He had constipation during weight loss. The fight hardly happened. He only fought so that the pay-per-view did not lose the main event. He did not even attend the meeting after the weigh-ins because he did not have adequate rehydration after the weigh-ins. He made weight so easily on Thursday afternoon, ”he also asserted. However, the South American caused concern.

Was there danger?

For its part, Deiveson He also acknowledged: “Every time a man goes to the hospital, he is in danger. Obviously, we gave him the option, if you want to fight, or don’t want to fight, it’s up to you. Obviously, he received the medical clearance, but he had a choice to fight or not, and he wanted to fight. If you want to put him there again for me, rest assured that this time I will make the right camp to neutralize his game.

“I’m here for whatever Dana wants me to do. Dana White, I am at your disposal. I stayed to defend a pay-per-view and had to regain weight in less than 20 days to put on this show. So, Dana, I’m at your disposal. If you want to do the rematch, do it. But first I will go home and enjoy my son and my family a little, let me breathe a little because the machine needs it ”, he concluded Deiveson Figueiredo.

Deiveson Figueiredo, hospitalized.

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