Stone Movistar, the esports club led by Schwartzman

Stone Movistar, the esports club led by Schwartzman

Stone Movistar, the new esports team led by Diego Schwartzman, had its official presentation through live streaming on its Twitch in which Delfina Pignatiello and Lit Killah participated as special guests, and was led by comedian and streamer Lucas Rodríguez.

“For me it is a very special moment, Stone Movistar was born in me as a need that today we are incredibly making a reality”, said Diego Schwartzman, team leader at the beginning of the event and highlighted the four main axes that give life to the team. in values ​​”,“ Work as a team ”,“ Respect your rivals ”and“ Enjoy the game ”.

The swimmer Delfina Pignatiello was also interviewed, who will be part of the team and said “It is a pride to be part of Stone Movistar, as a child, video games marked me and became the way to connect and be close to my brother. Although I never practiced them professionally, it is still a ground wire for me ”, he highlighted.

The event was attended by Lit Killah, one of the most prominent rappers and freestylers in Argentina, who has managed to position several of his songs as # 1 trend on YouTube and at the top of the Spotify charts. The rapper participated in the meeting with an improvisation of a song dedicated to the launch of the team and participated in different challenges with Diego Schwartzman.

Juan Podestá, Head of Sponsorship at Movistar stated “We are proud to be the main sponsor of the team. For us, Stone Movistar is a new concept in esports clubs, and we want to be part of the change in the way players train, compete and unite, betting on the future of new generations and technology. “

Along with the inauguration of the team, the facilities of the training and education academy at the Hacoaj Nautical Club were also unveiled, where support in tactics and strategy will be provided; psychology; use of social networks and communication skills and teamwork. In addition, physical and sports development and healthy habits will be promoted. It will have a gym for training, a dining room focused on nutrition and healthy eating, a space for talks and workshops and a Gaming Center equipped with the latest technology and the best Movistar Fibra connectivity where athletes can improve.

The team, which will compete in 2021 in League of Legends, CSGO, Freefire, Valorant, Fortnite and FIFA 21. has already confirmed the following professionals from the world of esports for its team:

● Diego de Vita – FIFA Head Coach

● Manuel González – FIFA Player

● Martín Fernández Blanco, Head Coach of CSGO

● Hernán “GuzH” Otero – LOL Analyst Team

● Ignacio “Zheas” Fernández – Strategic Coach Team LOL

Stone Movistar is made up of professionals with extensive experience in marketing, advertising and sports, including Torneos, a leading company in the sports and entertainment industry; Andrés Schwartzman, businessman from the world of sports and tourism; Cinco Yardas, a sports marketing content producer with more than 14 years in the market, and Ideasports, a leading company with more than 15 experience in marketing and events.

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