The negative record of Los Pumas in World Cups with the possible rivals of France 2023

The negative record of Los Pumas in World Cups with the possible rivals of France 2023

The Monday 14 The groups will be drawn for the world of France 2023. The Pumas They will once again have a very hard area, taking into account that they will be in the third band due to the classification in the Ranking World Rugby. Now what is the record of the Argentine national team with possible rivals for the next world Cup?

The first band, that is, the first four classified and therefore heads of the group will be South Africa, New Zealand, England and Wales. With these four selected, Los Pumas have an absolutely negative record, they have never beaten them in a World Cup.

Before South AfricaThe Pumas met twice in World Cups, with two defeats. Both games were memorable. The first confrontation was in the 2007 World Cup, in the semifinal that was left in the hands of the then champion. While, in 2015 for third place in the tournament played in England with a 24-13 loss. Against the Springboks, the Argentine team has 26 points in favor and 61 against.

New Zealand He is another of Argentina’s executioners in World Cups. The Pumas reaped three defeats from an equal number of games played against the All Blacks. In 1987, 2011 and 2015 they were carried out with a total of 41 points in favor and 105 against for the Argentine team.

The Pumas also could not beat England in World Cups. In 1995, 2011 and 2019 were the clashes of the Argentine national team against La Rosa. In favor 37 and against 76 points for the national team. The last fall was in the last World Cup in Japan 39-10.

Welsh is no exception. El Dragón was the rival of Los Pumas on two occasions, the 1991 and 1999 World Cups. They beat them in both games, the last time 23-10 in the first round. The two clashes were even and left 25 points in favor and 39 against for the Argentine team.

The second band shows a little more positivism in the history of Los Pumas. In this ciborium, the possible rivals of the Argentine team are Australia, France, Japan and Ireland.

The Wallabies They are the only ones that Los Pumas have not been able to beat in this band’s World Cups. There were three clashes between Australia and the Argentine team. The 1991, 2003 and 2015 World Cups were the hosts of these crosses. The last one was the great semi-final in England that had the Aussie team as the winner 29-15. The total of points marks 42 in favor and 85 against Los Pumas.

Of the four duels before France In World Cups, there are two that bring back the best of memories for Los Pumas. They faced each other four times: the French team defeated the Argentine in 1999 and 2019, while in 2007 both in the opening match and in third place, the victory was Albiceleste. Six points separate the difference of so many in favor of Los Pumas over Les Bleus: 98 to 92.

Japan It is the only team that could not beat Los Pumas in World Cups. A single duel crossed them in the 1999 World Cup and the Argentine team won 33-12.

Without a doubt, one of Los Pumas’ archrivals in World Cups is Ireland. The Argentine team clearly imposes itself on the record against Trébol. Four times they were measured and all were fundamental for the future of both teams in the respective World Cups. In 1999, in Lens, Los Pumas prevailed and qualified. In 2003 luck fell for the side of the European cast that defeated in Australia and took the pass to the quarterfinals. France 2007 was the scene of a chair of the Argentine team and the pass as first group. Finally, one of the most remembered duels, in the quarterfinals of the 2015 World Cup, Los Pumas defeated 43-20 and managed to get among the best four. The points difference marks a clear advantage for Argentina 116 to 75.

Of these eight selected, two will come out that will be the rivals of The Pumas in the World Cup in France 2023. In most cases, the Argentine national team will have the opportunity to win for the first time and begin to twist the record.

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