Chino Maidana and the triumph over Broner that shook a continent

El Chino Maidana y el triunfo sobre Broner que conmovió a un continente

On December 14, 2013, the Argentine Marcos Maidana, he Chinese, was consecrated as an idol of Latin American boxing the day he swept Adrien broner in San Antonio, Texas.

Maidana He took the victory by a loose unanimous decision, but the victory had a series of ingredients that ended up placing it as the last great night of Argentine boxing.

Broner was one of the great promises in the realization of world boxing, backed by Floyd mayweather jr. Already Broner they considered it the new Mayweather.

He Chinese, was already known and well-regarded in America. He had had memorable fights against Victor Ortíz, Amir khan or Erik morales.

El Chino Maidana, the victim who executed the executioner

Before Adrien BronerHowever, the Santa Fe was the victim. It was a stepping stone for the American to level up, disadvantaged 5 to 1 in betting.

On the ring, however, something else happened. With the opening bell, Maidana went over Broner like a fighting bull. By the second round, the Argentine had already sent the American to the canvas. And in the eighth round, Margarita’s knocked down his opponent again. At the end of the contest, and before the reading of the cards, Broner he sensed his first defeat, and everything was celebration in the Argentine corner.

The judges saw him as the winner unanimously. And with it, the Chinese He hit the bump. Magazine The Ring considered it the Surprise of the Year 2013.

The victory that relaunched Chino

With that, Marcos Maidana raised his profile. He gained greater recognition, and not only from the Argentine public, but also from the Mexican who embraced him as one of their own.

Eight years away from that great night, it is essential to put this lawsuit under the magnifying glass. And assess what it represented for the protagonists, and for Argentine boxing.

To understand the prestigious journalist born in Uruguay, Walter Nelson, world championship matches are always going to be important, but Broner’s media figure spiced up the milestone.

«The great candidate was Adrien broner«, Asserted the historical participant of the great transmissions of TyC Sports. “Let’s not forget that he was the protégé of Floyd mayweather, nothing more and nothing less. If we consider what it was Adrien broner Until then and the promotion that I had, I think it was very, very important. Here in Argentina, at least, he had great expectations »

Maidana, with the people as an ally

For Walter Nelson Meloni, although Maidana he was not the favorite in the clash against Broner, the confidence of the people and of the specialists was based on a popular style of boxing. It was a type of fight that connected with the audience and with the viewer.

«For what has been done previously, the Chinese I was not a candidate, “he explained Nelson, specialized journalist based in Argentina. “But he did have confidence and a lot of faith. He was a fighter, a warrior. Hit boxers are very confident. Maidana He was perhaps not a natural knockout, but he had won a higher percentage of fights by knockout in his career.

An important part of the plot in that fight was the arrogant, arrogant and talkative attitude with which he unfolded Adrien Broner. It was like a repellent, especially for those who do not understand the “media game”, and the construction of characters, within each billboard. The people tend to side with the humble and the underprivileged.

However, Walter Nelson, does not believe that the American bragging has generated massive support for the Chinese in the previous one.

I don’t think the bravado of Broner have tipped neutrals for the Chinese Maidana«, Potentiated Meloni. «If it were for that, Muhammad Ali He did it permanently and it was the biggest. It is part of the combat sale. Generally, these kinds of things are done. There is always one more pedantic, and another more demure, calmer. Sometimes it happens that there are two great protagonists in the balance, to further promote that fight.

A Latin American landmark

The victory of Chinese Maidana on Adrien broner became a Latin American landmark. Not only because the Argentine people turned in appreciation for the new champion, but also the Mexican public, who sheltered Maidana as one of yours.

And it is that, by then, the Chinese Maidana I trained with the Mexican American Robert Garcia, an icon of Mexican boxing in the United States. In that gym, the Chinese he learned to speak with the slang of the Mexican from the barrio bravo. It was the perfect recipe to put Mexicans in your pocket.

“If he Chinese He would have been born in Mexico, surely, Mexicans would have adored him even more, they love him very much, “he replied. Nelson to unravel that phenomenon. “He is a purely Mexican boxer: a fighter, a warrior, he goes to ‘give and take’, and that makes it very important for television sales.”

The last great victory of Argentine boxing

There is no doubt that this victory of Chinese Maidana It is the last great victory of Argentine boxing. It is on par with another memorable night, which perhaps had a greater media profile: that of Wonder Martinez against Julio César Chávez Jr, on September 15, 2012.

«Of the last 10 years, the Maidana on Broner is one of the most important triumphs for Argentine boxing, along with that of Martinez on Chávez Jr.“, summarized Nelson.

And among the things they conspired to give that importance was the way both fights captured the casual boxing fan as well.

“Undoubtedly, they attracted the attention not only of boxing addicts,” he said. Nelson, «But also of those who wanted to know what the fights were about, and the magnitude of the Argentine boxers at the moment. If we go a little further back, to 1994, I compare it for the dramatic and spectacular, with that of Castro locomotive and John david jackson«.

Maidana as the focal point of the last golden age of Argentine boxing

Walter Nelson understands the importance of good performances by Argentine athletes, for the emergence of new athletes of that discipline in the country. The triumph of Maidana on Broner and the Wonderful on Chavez They were an essential part of the last great golden age of Argentine boxing, an engine to generate new boxers.

“It’s like in any sport,” he synthesized Nelson. «The expression of Guillermo Vilas in tennis, when tennis in Argentina was not well known and was practiced by a select group, or with Pumas in rugby. What they did Sergio Martinez and Marcos Maidana in recent years, it sparked the interest of those who wanted to play sports, and boxing could be an option.

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