How painful! Brandon Moreno admitted a terrible injury after UFC 256

How painful!  Brandon Moreno admitted a terrible injury after UFC 256

He UFC 256 was held this Saturday, December 12, where Deiveson Figueredo and Brandon Moreno they fought for the belt. Everything was tied and the title remains in the hands of the Brazilian, who completed his second defense. In this way, the fans were satisfied with the battle they gave, but not for the end. However, if you want to see the rematch, you may have to wait, as the Mexican admits he had a severe injury.

Being so, Brown He spoke with the press at the end of the contest, where he began by saying: “I don’t think it’s broken, but I threw too many blows and I felt something on my shoulder. After that, I felt amazing. I feel great, to be honest. I threw the jab really hard, and something jumped off my shoulder. But I think it’s okay. To be honest, I feel too much pain in my whole body. But at the same time, I feel very happy.

Shocking! Deiveson Figueiredo admits he was admitted the night before UFC 256

«I wanted to bring that happiness to my country and my family. But it is what it is. I am very happy to take this opportunity and I am ready to be with my family and my children. I expected a little more power from him. Although he has power, he obviously is, because when he threw body shots at me, I felt it. But I started, I have more confidence during the fight, “he added to his words, making it clear that he left with a bit of disgust for what he had achieved.

To close, Brandon Moreno He commented: ‘I think I needed to put more pressure in the fifth round, but it is what it is. After the last eight weeks of 2020, I need to rest. Figueiredo also needs to rest. You have all my respect. He is the champion. Usually it takes a long time for the champion to rest. It did not. He took the fight. I have too much respect for him. We need a rematch, for me, for the fans, for Figueiredo, for everyone. For sports, of course.

The words of Dana White

“After the points deduction, the whole fight changed. Brown began to get stronger. He probably won that round without the point deduction. That’s when the whole fight started to change. Joanna and Weili were also very good. It was so long ago that people need to remember how really good that fight was, “said the UFC President, who is already analyzing how the rematch can be carried out.

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