RWC 2023, Group D: the reactions of Mario Ledesma, Eddie Jones and Jamie Joseph

RWC 2023, Group D: the reactions of Mario Ledesma, Eddie Jones and Jamie Joseph

After the draw was carried out to define the groups for the France 2023 World Cup, it was confirmed that Argentina, England and Japan (along with Oceania 1 and America 2) will integrate zone D in search of the classification to the quarterfinals of the contest.

Post-ceremony, the coaches of the three selected gave a press conference to share their feelings regarding the definition. Here, the best phrases left by the talk with the head coach of The Pumas Mario Ledesma beside Eddie Jones and Jamie Joseph.



The Los Pumas Head Coach took stock of Group D that he will share with England and Japan in the 2023 World Cup.

Mario Ledesma (Argentina)

– “The Three Nations left us great satisfaction in every way, but especially in the commitment of the squad.”

– “All the areas are difficult and ours is very even. We had to be in third place and it is always difficult. Now we can all concentrate on next year because the next RWC is a long way off”.

– On the countries of emerging teams: “In all the World Cups there is less and less margin with the Emerging Nations. Samoa and Tonga have a great quality of players. In all the World Cups there were many surprises and the margins have narrowed.”

– Regarding the preparation with players abroad: “Having players in Europe is similar to what a preparation was 10 years ago. During the World Cup it is different, there is more time to prepare and be together. We will analyze it better later” .

– On the possibility of facing Australia in the quarterfinals: “It would be too early. Australia has a great project between staff and young players. Likewise, I have no doubts who I want to win when we play against them.”



The Los Pumas coach told how 2021 will be and the road to France 2023 with so many Argentines in leagues such as Top 14 and Premiership.

Eddie Jones (England)

– “The quality in all areas is high. Argentina has a great history in the World Cups and Japan is growing, so it will be like tough competition.”

– “Argentina recently played one of the best games in history, beating the All Blacks. Mario (Ledesma) is putting together a great group with growing players. With Argentina in our area, the group is one of the most contrasting by the teams that participate in it with different realities “.



The England coach analyzed Group D and was forceful for his next rivals.

Jamie Joseph (Japan)

– “We have to prepare a lot, especially a country like ours in Tier2. We can try for 100 years, but we will never play like England. Our goal is to improve and develop. We will never look like England or Tier1 teams , but we will always do our best “

– “It’s exciting. Argentina is in very good shape and is coming off beating the All Blacks”

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