Are you a star again? Cub Swanson and the chance to make UFC history: “It’s amazing”

Are you a star again?  Cub Swanson and the chance to make UFC history: "It's amazing"

The extraordinary martial artist, Cub swanson (27-11 MMA, 12-7 UFC), is one of the experienced ones who exploded again in UFC. He did the same against Daniel Pineda (27-14 MMA, 4-5 UFC) on Saturday at UFC 256, getting a shocking knockout in his favor. It should be noted that this took the second place in the history of the UFC with the most victories in the featherweight. He reached his 17th win and is currently behind José Aldo (18).

Being so, Swanson He began by saying, “I was encouraged and prepared for the fight. I just want to screw the guy, and I’m just flexing. It makes you slow. It made me literally think of the fights I’ve had in the past, the most recent fights, ‘Did you slow down?’ It just didn’t feel like it used to and it made me doubt myself a little bit and I knew I just needed to relax. I needed to let go of my punches, flow, and have fun. You can never do that. You put a lot of pressure on yourself.

It struck him down! Cub Swanson returned from injury with a powerful knockout at UFC 256

You’re squeezing and trying to hit as hard as possible and not just getting out there and letting it happen. So that was my goal. I didn’t want to get psyched up and get into this crazy zone, just get out there and do what I do. That was the game plan and that was the mindset, and I feel like I made it. I love the crowd. It’s amazing, but it’s a double-edged sword. Sometimes it can get into your head. I am an emotional fighter at the time of the fight and can play with my emotions, “he also pointed out.

Does he come back with everything?

In turn, the fighter dictated: “I was really focusing on being really technical and being really sharp and being really efficient, and I was able to do that. Having really light media, just being in my room hanging out with my corner, I love it. I’m super quiet at fight time so I don’t have to do all the extra stuff and meet the fans, as much as I love it… but right before I fight, I’d rather be in the zone. So I enjoyed it.

“A title fight is not really a concern of mine. If they ever want to give me a title fight, I’ll take it. But I’m not going to try to climb that ladder. I fight against who they tell me. Whoever thinks it’s a good match, that’s how we’ve always done it. … I think there is a lot of stress when trying to fight for a title. I just like to go there and perform for the fans and get bonuses, “he concluded by saying. Cub swanson, who returns to being a figure after a long injury.

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