Historical! Lewis Hamilton and Valentino Rossi swapped places in an unforgettable test

Valentino Rossi.

Lewis Hamilton and Valentino rossi they met a year ago at the Ricardo Tormo circuit in Valencia. Both motorsport legends exchanged their machines for an unprecedented test. The British took command of the Yamaha m1, which Rossi drove in 2019. For his part, the Italian had no problem getting on the Mercedes champion of the last season.

While the images are not new, as they were recorded in 2019, on the official YouTube channel of monster Energy unpublished images of that meeting were released, in which he was also present Franco Morbidelli. Hamilton and Morbidelli tested the M1 the day before the meeting with Valentino Rossi. “It was a day having fun on the bike here in Valencia. I did a few laps in front, to show him the course and the stopping points. He got a good level ”, ‘Morbido’ said after the test.

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The next day, Valentino and Lewis met to give an impressive show to those present on the Spanish circuit. “It is very exciting. Lewis will test my M1 and I will test his Formula 1”Said ‘Vale’. For his part, Hamilton asked the idol of MotoGP. “I love it, but I can’t get my body in the right position.” “You have a bit of ‘the old style’ (driving),” praised Rossi.

After learning about the motorcycle, Valentino set out to take a look at the Formula 1 that Hamilton drives. “I’m a little bit nervous. I have tried a Formula 1 in the past, but it was a long time ago, ten years ago. The car has changed a lot. They are very fast ”, related Rossi. In 2009, ‘Il Dottore’ tested the Ferrari team car and surprised everyone. So much so, that there was even talk of a possible signing for the Maranello team.

For his part, Hamilton stressed that it is a great image to see an idol like Valentino Rossi in his car. “It’s amazing that a legend gets in the car and I’m just excited for him, for the discovery,” said the seven-time champion. Arriving at the box, Valentino said some funny words to Hamilton: “You are crazy brother, you are absolutely crazy.” As Hamilton laughed, he congratulated him on the laps he took.


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