Statue of Nicolino Locche vandalized in Argentina

Vandalizan estatua de Nicolino Locche en Argentina

A statue of the former Argentine world champion boxer, Nicolino Locche, was vandalized last Sunday in the city of Mendoza, in Argentina.

A group of people who have not yet been identified, caused the fall and some damage to the sculpture of Locche, as reported this Monday by the newspaper Popular.

The statue of Nicolino Locche He was in a large plaza on Peru Street a few meters from Videla Correa, in the City of Mendoza. It is the native province of who earned the nickname of “Untouchable”, by his privileged waist to avoid blows. The green space where the monument was, also bore the name of Untouchable, in honor of the great Nicolino.

The monument to Niccolino Locche in Mendoza was toppled from its base

The proper investigations will continue, along with the restoration of the monument alluding to one of the greatest fighters in the history of Argentine boxing.

Among the damage recorded by the monument, it could be noted that an ear was torn off.

The monument had an ear torn off
The monument had an ear torn off

In the fall, there was also significant damage to the nose, which would be the place where it suffered the greatest impact.

Damage to the figure's nose was recorded
Damage to the figure’s nose was recorded

He Carlos Paz’s Diary reviewed that the “monument in homage to the former boxer is a life-size representation of Locche so that people could interact with her and take photos. The artwork was made by the artist Sonia Lopez and it is made of polyester resin to make it lighter.

Nicolino Locche and his dream career

Locche had a campaign of excellence within professional boxing. In 135 official presentations, he had 117 victories, 14 by knockout, suffered only 4 losses and drew 14 opportunities.

On December 12, 1968, he managed to snatch the super lightweight belt from the World Boxing Association, after imposing on Paul Takeshi Fuji.

With all his strength and a tactical guide unlike any he had used in his previous contests, Nicolino he punished the American of Japanese descent during the show’s 10 rounds.

An enormous amount of precise attacks accompanied the Tunuyan-born’s ease of dodging to his maximum achievement.

Nicolino Locche entered the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 2003, and died on September 7, 2005, due to cardiac arrest.

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