Another one! Clay Collard seeks to intimidate Jake Paul: “I’d like to smash this guy’s face”

Another one!  Clay Collard seeks to intimidate Jake Paul: "I'd like to smash this guy's face"

The seasoned American fighter, Clay Collard, could not bear the words of Jake paul and responded firmly in these hours. The aforementioned began in Boxing in 2011, then went through the UFC and currently plays in PFL, another highly prestigious company in the world of Mixed Martial Arts. Although he did not have a great reputation in his time with Dana White’s company, he has the power in his hands to try to intimidate whoever he wants.

Understanding the above, Collard He began by expressing: “It was incredible. Even at their age, glimpses of their younger days were still visible. It was fun to watch, but the whole fight Jake paul it was a joke. Now the guy is running his mouth saying he wants to embarrass the MMA fighters in the boxing ring. He has not fought with anyone. You have not faced any prospects. He beat up a couple of bums and thinks it’s hot shit and I think it’s a joke. “

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“I can’t wait until I get there with someone who is a real boxer or a real fighter, who has been training his whole life to do this, and they just crush him. For me, it’s just a joke. If they’re going to pay me, I’d love to smash that guy’s face. Just because I think it’s a joke. I don’t think I belong in the ring. That is just my opinion. He hit a guy in the NBA and none of them have a year of boxing experience, if that, “said the martial artist.

Flattered him

For its part, Clay He took the opportunity to say: “It’s a joke. The fact that he’s using his YouTube stardom or whatever to get into the sport when people have been working their whole lives to make money and be on the big show. I am ashamed. It is taking away the reality of sport. I think it’s a joke and if someone wants me to hit it they would do it for free, honestly, because I don’t like that shit. Remake YouTube videos. Because if you go in there with a real fighter, I promise you, you won’t knock anyone out. “

“I am very excited to be able to finish the year and have another fight and, in my opinion, another victory. I’m ready to go out there and do it, very excited. Like you said, I never stopped training mixed martial arts. It’s always something I’ve been working on. I’m really excited to get in there and show my skills and hopefully bring that belt home. I will finally be able to buy the backyard that my dogs deserve », he closed Clay Collard, who is proud of his career.

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