Gennady Golovkin on the decline: Three coaches analyze where GGG is no longer the same

¿Ha tenido Gennady Golovkin un declive y ya no es el monstruo de antes? Tres entrenadores analizan en qué cosas GGG ya no es el mismo de antes.

Much has been discussed whether Gennady Golovkin he’s had a decline in his boxing, if he’s not the monster he was before. It has been debated whether he has lost power on his punch due to the recent drop in knockouts. And it has also been discussed whether the third fight with Saúl «Canelo» Álvarez it will be too late for the Kazakh.

Gennady Golovkin he turned 38 last April. If the third fight with him Canelo It occurs, it would be at the end of 2020 or in May 2021, when the Kazakh will be very close to 39 years old, or with them already completed.

To analyze in what aspects boxing has gone into decline Gennady Golovkin, LEFT PUNCH interviewed three coaches with varying levels of experience. From the legend of Nacho Beristain, even a coach established as Joel diaz, going through one of the most promising young coaches like Hector Beltran.

1. Golovkin’s decline, according to Nacho Beristain

The legendary Hall of Fame coach believes that Gennady Golovkin It is no longer the same as before.

“He’s slowed down,” he said Beristain exclusively to LEFT PUNCH. “It is clear that in the last fight he had a lot of difficulties with his physical conditioning. It was diminished ».

With his extensive experience, don Nacho ensures that there are very specific things where you see the decline of a boxer.

“Displacements are no longer the same,” he explains. Beristain. “A fighter, when his time is up, sometimes makes defensive moves to try to take a blow off. And he makes them thinking that he still has the ease or mobility to remove that blow, but it is no longer the same. He begins to realize that he lost a little in his sense of distance.

It’s clear that Gennady Golovkin, that terror machine that until 2016 had knocked out 33 of 36 rivals, 23 of them in a row, has considerably lowered its power rate. Since then, he has only knocked out 2 of the last 6 rivals in the last three years. That is, as the years have passed in GolovkinThat 91 percent knockout rate dropped to 33 percent from 2017 to date.

«(Golovkin) he is no longer the monster he was, ”says Don Nacho. Now that he fought with Derevyanchenko, I think they gave him the victory because the fight was a little close. There he showed that it is no longer the same.

In April 2019, Golovkin announced that he would no longer work with Abel sanchez, your lifelong coach. His last two fights, against Steve Rolls and against Sergiy Derevyanchenko have been with Jonathon Banks as a coach.

Nacho Beristain does not believe that the output of Abel sanchez has affected Gennady Golovkin in his boxing.

«Sanchez He is an excellent coach and a better person », he acknowledges Beristain, «But fighters make violent decisions when the coach loses the floor and does not give him his confidence 100 percent. It seems that he began to talk to her that he had lost (against the Canelo). You have to defend your fighter tooth and nail. I did it in the first fight between Marquez and Pacquiao, what to Juan They knock him down three times in the first round, but then he does one fight per note. They gave him a draw, but I always defended and claimed that Juan had won”.

The coach believes that if the third fight is made between the Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin, go far superior to Canelo about the Kazakh.

“I think that he Canelo he is going to win because he is younger, he is strong, and technically he is well worked, “explains Don Nacho. “Technically, I have been observing him well and I think he has not improved and I do not know why because he has a good coach, but although he has not advanced, his level is good. I don’t know if they are really going to make the third fight, but the more time passes, the more the clock ticks against them. Golovkin. TO Golovkin the speed of the Canelo, and it is not that he is a very fast fighter, but he does throw his combinations with power and well shot ».

2. What GGG has lost, according to Joel Díaz

Joel diaz train world champions like Jo-Jo Diaz and Murodjon Akhamadaliev, and in the past he has trained others as Timothy bradley and Ruslan Provodnikov.

In your experience, Joel diaz also sees a decline in Gennady Golovkin in his last fights.

“TO Gennady Golovkin in his last fight against Derevyanchenko, I saw that it has had a decline with age, “he explains Diaz. «I noticed that he lost mobility, speed, reflexes. It is a big factor in the case of GGG, and I do see that there is a decline. It is common sense. All fighters with age lose reflexes, and they lose a lot. After a long career, all fighters grow old. And they age in all the processes, in training, in travel, everything weighs more.

It is true that Gennady Golovkin They have not beaten him much in his career, nor have they cut him that much. However, in the experience of Joel diaz, the attrition for a fighter is given elsewhere.

“A lot of people don’t understand that, but the wear and tear on a fighter’s career doesn’t necessarily come from fights,” he says. Diaz. «It is in the preparation where you work the most, where your body receives the greatest wear and tear, the training, the cutting weight. The fight lasts 30 minutes, but the training lasts six weeks. That’s the hardest part and a lot of people don’t see it.

In the opinion of Joel diaz, the change of coach that lived Golovkin Yes it can be a factor in that decline that has been seen in the Kazakh in recent years.

“The change of coach is a factor for the transition period,” he explains Diaz. «When you have been with the same coach for a long time, the coach knows you well, and you develop very solid foundations. But when you change coach, it is a different method because the other coach teaches things differently. It takes you two or three fights to establish yourself with a new coach to learn to get to know each other in a good way, and to communicate in an appropriate way.

In a third fight with him Canelo, Joel diaz also see the Mexican above GGG as a favorite.

“He Canelo he is in his best moment, he is young, he moves », he explains Diaz. “AND GolovkinLike I said, he’s been through a lot of boot camps already, and age is a huge factor. I believe, in my opinion, that in the third fight, the Canelo will knock out GGG«.

Despite seeing the Canelo as a favorite, Joel diaz does not believe that Golovkin go alone to cash your last big check.

“Everybody in boxing knows the situation he’s in. Golovkin“, Explain Diaz. Basically, he’s at the end of his career. But if it’s going to go Golovkin He is going to be throwing punches, he has pride, he has a love for the sport, and he has a fan base. You will not do it just for the money. He knows he’s no longer in the condition he was three or four years ago, but he’s not going to just go away like this.

3. What GGG conserves, according to Héctor Beltrán

Hector Beltran is part of the team of coaches that has led Vergil Ortíz to become one of the best prospects in world boxing.

AND Beltran yes you see a decline in Golovkin, but only in some details. In his opinion, the Kazakh retains many of the qualities with which he terrified the 160-pound a few years ago.

“What I see differently is their timing, it is slower and I see that they hit it more”, he explains. Beltran. «In the rest I see him the same, I see that he continues to have a great jaw, that he continues to be a great puncher, he continues to be GGG«.

That which has lost Golovkin on the road, in the vision of Beltran, is mainly due to age.

“I think it’s mainly because of his age,” he observes. Beltran. «I think he has lost a step in his boxing. However, at his age, Golovkin she has taken good care of her body, she has not partied. And it is admirable that for his age he continues at that level, but he has lost a step ».

The drop in knockouts is evident in the last years of the career of Gennady Golovkin. However, Beltran does not believe that this is because Golovkin It no longer hits, but to two very specific factors.

“His loss of knockouts is, first, because of his training,” he explains. Beltran. «His timing has changed, because with age you cannot expect your body to move as before, and that changes time. But I think it is still as strong as ever, but the timing is what is gone ».

Golovkin, according Beltran, He has not been able to adjust his training to that new rhythm and synchronicity that has come with age to his boxing. And also, it points out Beltran, Golovkin already faces a better level of middleweights.

“The other thing I see is that he’s been fighting guys who are some of the best middleweight fighters,” he says. Beltran. “They are no longer the fighters that I fought before and that I knocked out. Daniel Jacobs it is a medium large. The last one he knocked out Steve RollsHe wasn’t one of the best middleweights and he knocked him out fast, so his power is there. But it is that, when you get to face the highest level and the best in the category, you are no longer going to knock out those rivals like knocking out those who were easier.

For Hector Beltran, the fact that GGG have replaced Abel sanchez as a coach he is not that important a factor in that decline.

«Golovkin He has all the experience in the world, and for fighters like him, when something is not working they know how to revert to what was working before, “he explains. Golovkin. «You can train and have a fight plan, but if you feel that something is not working for you already in the ring, you have the experience to go back to what you know and what works for you. Personally, as a coach, I do not believe that the exit of Abel sanchez is affecting you so much. If there has been any impact, it has been little.

In a third fight against him Canelo, Hector Beltran don’t see what Golovkin can reach the level of the previous two.

“I do not think that GGG I am going to fight Canelo on the same level as the other two fights, “he assures Beltran, «But I do think he’s going to put up a good fight, but I don’t think he’s going to beat the Canelo«.

In that third fight, there will be details in which Hector Beltran believes that Golovkin will show signs of decline.

«In that fight I think GGG will have the same skills, “he says Beltran, “But it will no longer have the same intensity, speed and more. I think the Canelo. In this point, GGG He has lost a step in his boxing quality, but he still has the ability to put up a great fight.

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