Humble! Fernando Alonso praised Lewis Hamilton: “He does it better than anyone else”

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton achieved the most impressive records of the last years of the Formula 1. Since his arrival in 2007, the Briton showed that he was called to be one of the most outstanding drivers in the history of the category. This is why, in the last hours, he received the praise of one of the idols of the fans: Fernando Alonso.

The Spanish spoke before the microphones of the British network ‘Channel 4’ and left great praise for the figure of Lewis Hamilton. In addition, Alonso stressed that they hope to be able to fight for the championship in the near future, since the regulation change at the end of 2021 may give him a little hope. “Yes, I think we have the talent, the factory and the ambition,” he stressed.

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“We are with our feet on the ground because we are competing with very large manufacturers and very large organizations, so we are going to have to give the best of ourselves,” said the two-time world champion. The 2020 championship went from lowest to highest for Renault, who achieved three podiums in the season with Daniel Ricciardo and Esteban Ocon.

Lewis Hamilton

On the other hand, Alonso was consulted about Hamilton’s performance in recent years and stressed that he is in the best moment of his career. “He has a dominant car, but he is better than his teammate. You always have to give up, he can’t afford a bad weekend, he’s at the peak of his performance. Hopefully we can fight Lewis soon, not next year but soon.

To close, Alonso confirmed that any driver can win at Mercedes, but continued to praise the work of Hamilton in the German team. “I think a lot of people can win a Grand Prix with that car and that they can win championships in that car. That doesn’t mean anything bad about Lewis, like I said, he’s one step ahead. How important is the car or how important is it to be in the right place at the right time? It’s very important. This is Formula 1 and it has always been like that, but when you are in that place and at that moment, you have to perform and Lewis does it better than anyone else, so that is his true value, “he said.

The two were partners in 2007, although the relationship did not end well. Source: McLaren

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