Mascherano: “It hurts me that Barcelona has moved away from the model that made it great”

Mascherano: "It hurts me that Barcelona has moved away from the model that made it great"

The former Argentine soccer star spoke about his past culé and his friend Lionel Messi in an interview

The former Barcelona player and former Argentine international Javier Mascherano reviewed the current moment of the Barça team and regretted the change of model that it seems to have experienced.

It hurts me that Barcelona has moved away from the model that made it great. That he has prioritized other things and has not maintained what was so great and above all so different had made the club. If there was something that Barcelona had done differently, it was the model and it has moved away from that model for a long time, “he said in an interview with ‘The Tactical Room’.

In it he also gave his vision of Leo Messi: “When he grabs the ball there is always a feeling that something is going to happen. Generating that in the whole world must be something unmatched. And he generates it every three days for 15 years. That is why we are talking about someone different. “

“He is a very special person. But not because of what he is as a player but because of how earthly he is being what he is. I have not met anyone who is so important in what he does in the history of the sport and who has that capacity to come to talk to you, ask you or ask for an opinion. Usually older people like him don’t do it, “he added.

When assessing your experience under the orders of Pep GuardiolaHe noted: “I didn’t have the midfielder profile for that team. Pep knew it. But that’s the biggest trophy of my career. To have been able to change the way of thinking about me to a coach like Guardiola, possibly the best technician in the last 30 years. Through work, sacrifice and understanding what my role was, I was able to find my place there. “

He also referred to another Spanish technician for whom I work, Rafa Benitez: “He’s a strategist, that’s why he always did well in direct playoffs. He’s a coach who sees the opponent’s weaknesses very well. In the playoffs, he was very clear about everything. I keep talking to him a lot. He has helped me a lot. I value very much and whenever I can I tell him how grateful I am “.

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