Are you retiring? Diego Sánchez and his wishes for what is to come: «I need to recover»

Are you retiring?  Diego Sánchez and his wishes for what is to come: «I need to recover»

The veteran and extraordinary fighter of UFC, Diego Sanchez, made it clear that he is not in his best physical moment. Being this way, the aforementioned spoke with the press a few hours ago and acknowledged that he is not having a good time, so he seeks to recover one hundred percent for what comes at the end of his career as a professional. Although he has left a lot in MMA over the years, his last fights left him in a bad way.

Knowing this, Sanchez He started by talking about his physique: ‘BJ beat me up, man. I didn’t have the heart to sink. I thought I was just doing my job of saving the world and creating entertainment by taking these blows, letting these people see another mutilated human being. I need to recover and heal, because this fight is a really traumatizing lifestyle, it really is, and that’s being real and honest with the world, because I’ve been through it and I have the scars to prove it. “

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He named his next rival

“Somehow, man, God allowed me to get out of the tunnel. And I’m getting it done, and that’s why it’s like fighting this last fight, going out, doing other things and being the guy who came out. I like Nate Diaz, I like Nick Diaz, I like Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone. There are many types that have the mileage. There are guys on the list who have had those UFC wars. That is all I ask. In my last four fights, three of those guys were 26 years old and the best in their country, “he later recounted.

On the other hand, the goals and dreams remain the same: “Jake Matthews is probably the best welterweight in Australia. And if you want to joke that Pereira is not the best welterweight in Brazil, except maybe Gilbert Burns, come on. I’ve dated real killers and they haven’t given me credit for it. You’ve seen a smaller frame, a smaller welterweight. I let go of the dream of becoming a UFC champion that I had in my heart all my life.

“I just want a fight with OG. I want an OG who has already come from wins and losses and who has experience. Experience, that’s it. I don’t have much credit for being the first Ultimate Fighter. Forrest Griffin got a lot more credit than I did and that was the big expansion that allowed the UFC to become the $ 4 billion company. I have been there from the beginning, I have seen it happen », closed Diego Sanchez, one of the oldest left in Dana White’s company.

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