Callum Smith says there is no rehydration clause for fight with Canelo

Callum Smith asegura que no hay cláusula de rehidratación para pelea con Canelo

Callum smith revealed that there is no rehydration clause or additional weight limitation in the contract for his fight against Saúl «Canelo» Álvarez next Saturday.

“Obviously, I’m happy about that,” he said. Smith in interview for talkSPORT. “I will mark the weight, and then I can rehydrate to where I want.”

Although at 1.91 in height he is a large 168, Callum smith ensures that not much weight is usually gained between weigh-in and fight day.

“I don’t usually climb as heavy as people think,” he explained. Smith. “If you look at my size, you probably think I walk into the ring weighing around 200 pounds, I don’t! However, it’s nice not to have to worry about that.

Before the fight there was a doubt about whether Canelo I would seek to impose on Callum smith a rehydration clause, due to the large size of English. However, Callum believe that Canelo he did not do it because he himself has come to fight up to 175 pounds, a category higher than he has. Smith.

“I think (the rehydration clauses) are just to try to get a little advantage,” he explained. Smith. “But (Canelo) has fought much heavier than me, has fought at 175 pounds and won a world title at 175 pounds. So I don’t feel like there’s a reason why he has to restrict me from putting on too much weight, when he has technically fought at a higher weight than me.

Eddie Hearn had already reported that there is no rehydration clause for Canelo vs Callum Smith

Last November 27, Eddie hearn, promoter of Callum smith, had reported that there is no rehydration clause for the fight, and that they did not ask him to have one.

“Did not answer Hearn to IFL TV in a specific question about whether there is such a rehydration clause in the contract. «It was not requested by Canelo Alvarez. And I don’t think we would have accepted (that clause). To be honest, there was a time when Canelo Alvarez he could look like a 168 pound guy. But I’m not forgetting that his last fight was at 175 pounds. So I don’t think the Canelo Alvarez you want to wake up at 7 in the morning on the day of the fight to do another weigh-in. “

Hearn He was emphatic in that they were never asked for that rehydration clause.

“The rehydration clause was something that was not requested of us,” he emphasized Hearn. «Yes to Canelo worried about those 10 pounds of rehydration, he would have asked for the clause.

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