Eddie Hearn explains how difficult it was to negotiate with Canelo for a fight with Callum Smith

Eddie Hearn explica lo difícil que fue negociar con el Canelo para pelea con Callum Smith

Eddie hearn, promoter of Callum smith, and one of the main agents of DAZN, recognizes that the negotiation to close the fight with Saúl «Canelo» Álvarez It has been one of the most difficult of his career.

“Easy is the wrong word,” he said. Eddie hearn in conference with the media on November 24. “It was definitely one of the most difficult negotiations I have had to carry out.”

Minutes before Canelo announced Callum Smith as a rival, they were still negotiating

The promoter ensures that a few minutes before the Canelo Alvarez make the announcement of Callum smith as a rival for December 19, they had not yet closed the negotiation.

“He Canelo he will always make his own decisions, in the same way that big stars do, “he explains. Hearn. «When he posted on social networks that he was going to announce his next rival at 6 in the afternoon, I spoke to Callum And I told him I hoped it was us That same morning we still did not have an agreement, we did not have a contract, and we still had many things to negotiate.

He Canelo took the initiative, and hastened the whole process, as explained Hearn.

“Obviously, it was a good maneuver by the Canelo, because it made us move very fast, “he recalls Hearn. “We completed the agreement, and signed the contracts 10 minutes before the announcement. I am very pleased with that.

The difficulties of negotiation

Hearn is a promoter of Callum smith, but at the same time, it is one of the main responsible for DAZN Have a steady stream of important billboards. Already when the Canelo Alvarez was dissociated from Golden Boy Promotions, Hearn took on the task of getting the Mexican back to the DAZN.

The promoter identifies what the main challenges were.

“First, we are in the middle of a pandemic, and the income from the sale of tickets is not there and that in itself made it very difficult,” he explains. Hearn. «Then you had the legal status of Canelo with Golden boy and with DAZN, with the separation of these three entities.

The priority in your plan, based on Hearn, he was always his own fighter Callum smith.

«My plan and my strategy was, first of all, to get the fight for my fighter, Callum smith, whom we have had since his professional debut, “he recalls Hearn. «He became world champion, the magazine champion The Ring. I wanted to get him a fight that would define his career and his legacy. And that fight is with him Canelo Alvarez«.

The goal of returning Canelo to DAZN

And also, the broader goal, and perhaps the most difficult, was to return to the Canelo to DAZN after the break between the two due to disagreements with Golden Boy Promotions.

«I also decided to bring back to Canelo to DAZN“, Explain Hearn. “That would be a huge shock, and it would be huge for the platform, huge for Callum smith. And it was also a huge thing for boxing to be able to bring the ultimate face of boxing back into action, and back to fight this year. It was very difficult and there were many times that I thought I could not achieve it, but we insisted.

The fight between Canelo Alvarez and Callum smith is a milestone for your company Matchroom.

I had always wanted to put up a big fight to Matchroom in the United States, and I can’t lie, it has been much more difficult than I thought it would be, “he explains. Hearn. And I think we’ve done a great job, and DAZN has by far the best fight card in America. But this is a very important blow.

Where to watch the Canelo vs. Callum Smith fight?

DAZN will have on Saturday the fight between Canelo Alvarez and Callum smith for the United States and all of Latin America, except Mexico. And also, enter exclusively, the fight between Gennady Golovkin and Kamil Szeremeta Friday for the United States, Mexico and all of Latin America.

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