Is your departure coming? Anthony Pettis and the chance to leave the UFC: “It’s my last fight”

Is your departure coming?  Anthony Pettis and the chance to leave the UFC: "It's my last fight"

The possibility that Anthony Pettis (23-10 MMA, 10-9 UFC) Have your last entry into the Octagon of UFC it is getting bigger. On Saturday at UFC Fight Night 183, the seasoned fighter could see his farewell, so fans are already beginning to lament if this happens. The former lightweight champion will fulfill the last contest of his contract against Alex Morono (18-6 MMA, 7-3 UFC), event that will take place at the Apex in Las Vegas.

Being that way, the aforementioned began by explaining: «It is my last fight in the contract of UFC. Under my current contract. So we are in negotiations. I’m not sure where we go from here. My team keeps asking me questions and trying to figure out what’s next, but I say, ‘I’m in such a good situation mentally that I don’t want to cloud that vision with what’s next.’ Because if I think about what follows, I am not in the present moment.

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I’m not worried about that. I’m sorry that whatever is supposed to happen as to where I’m going to go next or if I’m fighting in the UFC again or if I can do another title run, my performance on Saturday will dictate that. It is not something you can control. I can’t go there and meet guys and say: ‘I’m going to do this,’ “he also added to his words, saddening all those who follow his career.

Will you have a new contract?

Further, Anthony He also stressed the following: “My performances will dictate what will happen next. I think the UFC is big business. I have been part of this company for almost 12 years. I’ve seen all the stages of this company and I was on top of the top when I got into the Wheaties box and was world champion. I was fighting for my job when I had a streak of three consecutive losses from Rafael dos Anjos to Eddie Álvarez to Edson Barboza ».

“I’ve been in the chopping block for a long time where if I let that mentality play, there’s no going back because that’s what you focused on. It is a blessing for me to have this mindset right now with all the cuttings news and going to different promotions. I do not feel pressure for that at this time, “he closed Anthony Pettis, who knows that his future depends on this Saturday. If you give a good performance, you will probably get an extension on your link.

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