“Verdejo is not finished, but it is a big setback”, says Bob Arum

Verdejo no está acabado, pero es un gran revés, asegura Bob Arum

Bob arum has shown full support for the Puerto Rican boxer Felix Verdejo after being defeated for the second time in his career last Saturday against Masayoshi Nakatani.

“That defeat affects him tremendously, let’s be honest.” Verdejo promoter Bob Arum of Top Rank told the newspaper El Nuevo Día. It’s not finished. You can improve and recover. But it is a big setback.

Verdejo was widely dominating the fight, even sent to the canvas twice to Nakatani. However, from the fifth or sixth round it seemed that he was running out of energy and the offensive attacks from the Japanese were more crucial and effective.

For the ninth round in an exchange of blows, Masayoshi He managed to connect a direct blow to the Puerto Rican’s jaw that sent him senseless against the ropes and the referee gave him the first 10-second count.

Verdejo he recovered and when the action returned, Nakatani got on dry once more, Felix It was the canvas and the referee stopped the actions given the poor state in which the Puerto Rican was.

Verdejo It looked bright, but it ran out of gas (power). Nakatani, who was brave, recovered (from the two falls) and got good shots. That’s how it is, ”he said Arum.

Full support for Verdejo

In accordance with Arum, it is not feasible in any way to set aside and remove support from Verdejo, but if it is necessary that both he, his work team and Arum they sit down to talk and seek the best for the future of the Puerto Rican.

“Now we have to sit down again to make a new plan. We believe in it. We are not going to give it up, although it was a big setback, “he said. Arum.

Verdejo he has a record of 27 victories, 17 of them on the fast track and just 2 losses. At the time he was considered one of the most important prospects of all Puerto Rico and world contender.

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