It’s official? A magazine owned by Red Bull confirmed the signing of Sergio Pérez

Sergio Pérez

Officially, the signing of Sergio Perez it was not confirmed. The media and fans are alerted to any statement released by the team Red bull in the next few hours. However, a medium that belongs to the energy drink brand confirmed that Pérez will be part of the team from 2021.

The medium of motorsport ‘Speedweek‘, which belongs to Red Bull Media House, confirmed this Thursday that the Mexican will be part of the Austrian team starting next year. On the other hand, he assured that the announcement will be made officially this Friday, although there is still no official news about this news.

When is it confirmed? Key date of the signing of Sergio Pérez to Red Bull

This confirmation from ‘Speedweek’ is a kind of ‘officialization’, since the medium belongs to the company that owns the team of Formula 1. Furthermore, this week ‘Checo’ stated that “I am sure that the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix was not the last of my career in the category.” On the other hand, the Mexican had advanced that he had offers to be a test pilot.

According to this medium, Alexander Albon He would not leave the team, as he will become a reserve driver in 2021. He will be in charge of the work on the simulator and the tests. On the other hand, Pérez will have a contract for only one year, although depending on his results next year he may have options to renew for 2022, the year in which he can fight for the title.

A few days ago the journalist Ted kravitz had confirmed that Perez would join the Red Bull team. In addition, Dutch, Italian, British and Mexican media confirmed the same news a few hours ago. For its part, the Red Bull team only plays with the fans. This morning he posted a tweet that reads: “Wait for it … Wait for it …”.

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