Lomachenko explodes: He assures that he did not lose against Teófimo López and that the judges were sold

Explota Lomachenko: Asegura que no perdió contra Teófimo López y que los jueces se vendieron

Vasily Lomachenko broke the silence following his unanimous decision loss to Teofimo Lopez and denounces that the judges sold themselves to give the triumph on the cards to Lopez.

“I did not lose the fight,” he claimed Lomachenko in a long interview broadcast on the official channel of his brand LOMUS, in Youtube. “I’ve seen it (the fight) about five times. I won the second round, he won the first, third, fourth and fifth. The sixth is still questionable.

Lomachenko denounces bribery

Lomachenko denounces a conspiracy against him last October 17 when he lost by unanimous decision against Teofimo Lopez.

‘However, his victory (of Theophimus) reflects a bias against me, ”he says Lomachenko. “If we count the scores strictly as it should be, the scorecard would be different.”

The Ukrainian is convinced that he won the second half of the fight.

“I won one round of the first half of the fight and five rounds of the second half, from round seven to round 11,” he explains. Lomachenko. So we won six rounds each, which is a draw. And if we use the unspoken rule of boxing, and we look at the championship rounds 10-12. I won two of them. It’s 2-1 ».

The judges saw win Teofimo Lopez by unanimous decision on Lomachenko, with cards of 116-112, 119-109 and 117-111.

“Even if I had won three rounds in the first half of the fight, I would not win the fight on the scorecards,” he says. Lomachenko.

And the Ukrainian goes further in his complaint.

“It was not a bias, this was a matter of bribery,” he denounced Lomachenko. «There was no honest judge. I don’t know who put that game together. But it was someone else’s game.

Lomachenko demands revenge from Teofimo

For the same, Lomachenko demands revenge. Wants to fight again Teofimo Lopez, and to do it without the shoulder injury that he fought with on October 17, and that required surgery to repair it.

“I want this revenge,” continued the Ukrainian. “I think the rematch will clarify everything. Either it will be the end of my career, or I keep all the belts. I think there must be a rematch. The question is if he accepts the rematch, I think he will not.

AND Lomachenko he thinks he knows why Theophimus will not accept a rematch.

“They are afraid because they know I had an injury and I will not be the same without injury in the rematch.” Lomachenko. They know you can’t fight me. Made it to the top, was lucky. You better keep the title as long as possible. He doesn’t want to fight me because he will lose his belts. They understand it, and they won’t. They will talk a lot, they will set conditions and, finally, they will not fight ”.

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