El Dr. Alfonso Morales y el ritmo frenético de su narración en la pelea de Julio César Chávez y Macho Camacho

Last Friday, December 17, the doctor passed away Alfonso Morales, one of the greatest boxing storytellers in the history of the media, and to pay tribute to him, it is enough to recover his chronicle of the most media fight of the 90s in Mexico: Julio Cesar Chavez against Héctor «Macho» Camacho.

A boxing narrator who gave a frenzied rhythm to his chronicle in which both historical data and descriptions of events rained down. His way of emphasizing in his voice intonation the power blows that the fighters connected, became a hallmark that several narrators in Mexico continue to use to date.

The fight between Chavez and the Male Camacho On September 12, 1992, it was the most anticipated in Mexico in the 1990s, and Televisa continued to be the lord and master of national television. That day, two storytellers of legend like Jorge «Sonny» Alarcón and the Dr. Alfonso Morales from the Thomas and Mack Center in Las Vegas, they gave voice to one of the most watched events in history, and with their emotionality they managed to perfectly capture the importance of the event. The account of the events was divided: Alarcon the odd rounds, Morales The pairs.

He Dr. Morales He released phrases that became emblematic and that marked generations of boxing fans.

Here we leave some of the rounds narrated by the Dr. Alfonso Morales in that fight of Julio Cesar Chavez and Héctor «Macho» Camacho.

The departure of Julio César Chávez towards the ring

This is madness. Ladies and gentlemen, Televisa is present in this transmission, when the flag of our country flies high and what a way all the fans of Mexico surrender to the fervor of this man.

The second round

“The left hand hooked to the hepatic glandular area”

The eighth round

“This impressive Mexican warrior, the greatest boxer in the history of our country, for the scepters he has achieved and for what he has achieved, is going to the front.”

Round 12

“Look at the conditions in which this Talking Macho ended up”