Is a new star born? Antonio Arroyo wants to be the face of UFC Vegas 17: “It’s too easy”

Is a new star born?  Antonio Arroyo wants to be the face of UFC Vegas 17: "It's too easy"

The Brazilian fighter, Antonio Arroyo placeholder image, is presented tonight at the UFC Vegas 17, having a tough crossing ahead. The Middleweight martial artist knows he will not have an easy procedure, but that does not make him lose hope to be able to climb the ranks with a victory. Deron winn He will be the one who has to measure himself against him, another great martial artist, who has a 6-2 record under his belt. The American seeks his best moment.

Understanding this, Stream He began by explaining: “I had to hold on tight so as not to lose concentration. It’s too easy to lose focus with all these distractions not just around the world, but also with the things that happened to me, like getting sick in February and then Eryk Anders getting sick and not fighting. You lose motivation if you don’t have a good mind, which I obviously don’t want to happen with me.

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“But I am so hungry to fight since the beginning of the year that I stayed focused and motivated for my next fight. It was only a month-long camp, but it was great. I didn’t rehydrate in the best way possible and had cramps all over my body, so I had to use an IV to rehydrate, and you can’t fight after using an IV. The problem was not weight loss, it was rehydration, “he also dictated.

It will not be easy

For its part, Antonio She also explained: “I think I ended up using too many supplements to rehydrate myself, and this time I only used natural things like fruits and coconut water. Things that come from nature instead of artificial things. Eryk Anders hits more and works the clinch, but doesn’t look for takedowns. While Deron winn He has 100 percent takedowns, he doesn’t hit that much, especially against guys who are faster than him, which is the case here.

«I think the difficulty is the same. The only thing that changed was the strategy. I still have that defeat in my throat. That was not me. I couldn’t do what I know, it wasn’t the Antonio Arroyo from the Contender Series. I have yet to show that fighter in the UFC. But this time my game will flow and I will finally be able to show the world who I am », he closed Antonio Arroyo placeholder image, who will go for everything in this UFC Vegas 17, looking for a victory that positions him better.

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