Scared? Lewis Hamilton spoke of the signing of Sergio Pérez: “We will have to improve”

Lewis Hamilton

This Friday after a long wait the signing of Sergio Perez for the team Red bull. The Mexican will have the most important challenge of his sports career next year, as he will be able to play hand in hand in the World Cup. Formula 1 before Mercedes and the seven times champion, Lewis Hamilton. The Briton already gave his opinion of what awaits him next year.

According to the ‘’ medium, Hamilton is very concerned about what may happen next year in the category. Although they have the most dominating car in recent years, Hamilton says that the new Red Bull lineup is a clear sign that they are stronger than ever. Also, he talked about the performance of Alex albon, and remembered his past in Mclaren.

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Alex Albon and his past

Hamilton spoke about the situation he went through later in the McLaren team. In 2008, Lewis Hamilton was with Heikki Kovalainen in the British structure. However, his partner could not face him and was very frustrated by it. “I’ve been in the position where Max (Verstappen) is, where once, particularly when he was at McLaren, where he was the leading car, and then the second car was not in the fight,” commented the Briton.

On the other hand, Hamilton criticized Albon’s performance in the season and assured that the Thai was not up to the challenge of fighting against Max verstappen at Red Bull. With all due respect to Alex, in the races we’ve had, we’ve been Valtteri (Bottas) and me against Max, “said the champion, who was happy with the signing of Sergio Pérez.


On the other hand, the British rider announced that next year will be very difficult, as the arrival of ‘Checo’ to the Austrian team balances the balance. “This makes them stronger, especially because of the way Sergio is acting. I think he has driven incredibly well this year, and he really deserved a seat. So I was very happy to hear that he has been hired by one of the best teams. So we will have to improve our game, because it will be a battle that we have not seen in a long time, “he said to close.

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