The same Gennady Golovkin from before? 6 specialized journalists review the triumph of GGG

¿El mismo Gennady Golovkin de antes? 6 periodistas especializados revisan el triunfo de GGG

The way that Gennady Golovkin returned to activity with a victory by technical knockout of Kamil Szeremeta After knocking him down four times in the fight, he generated positive reactions among the specialized boxing press and opinionologists.

The Kazakh used an accurate and powerful jab, and although he seems to have lost a step in speed, his technique is robust and his punching power is still devastating.

Steve Kim

In Twitter, Steve Kim reviewed what he saw of Gennady Golovkin this Saturday.

«The legs of Golovkin they are no longer there, and that is why you have to choose your holes better. Age is age. Technically still solid, but there is an erosion of skills, which is natural. It is still very hard at 160 ″.

John raspanti

In his chronicle in Max boxing, John raspanti pointed out the qualities that Gennady Golovkin showed in his win on Friday.

«Gennady Golovkin, who has accomplished almost everything in his amateur and professional career, fought as if looking to prove something on Saturday night. Perhaps some of the whispers about his age and the erosion of abilities disturbed him. Or maybe he needed to prove something to himself.

Whatever it was, the average champion of the FIB was very full, retaining his title and surpassing Kamil Szeremeta in seven one-sided rounds.

Kevin Iole

For Kevin Iole, veteran specialist of Yahoo!, Golovkin provided proof that he is still the same fighter who terrified the middlemen.

«Gennady Golovkin knocked out Kamil Szeremeta and it showed that it is still dangerous. The question of the night seemed to be if he was back. But the best question regarding Gennady Golovkin, maybe, is it ever left?

Szeremeta he was brave, but he didn’t have to really compete against Golovkin. It is an example of those fights ordered by the organisms that do very little good to the sport.

But it was a reminder of how elite Golovkin still is, even at 38, and after more than a decade of battles against the top 160 pounds. He was an elite before and is still an elite now, a supreme and imaginative fighter who in both hands has power capable of shocking.

Golovkin he’s still a star of the highest level, and anyone who doubts that just hasn’t been paying enough attention.

He’s been at this level for years, and it seems like he’s closer to his 29th birthday than his 39th. He’s still today, and has been for years, simply one of the greatest fighters of this or any generation. “

Mike coppinger

In his chronicle for the portal The Athletic, Mike coppinger consider that in his triumph, Gennady Golovkin it looked good, but against a very limited opponent.

«Golovkin he was fine in his first fight in 14 months, but seemed to be a slower pace. Was that caused by the long hiatus or by his age (today 38)? Or maybe it was the result of facing an outmatched opponent who didn’t pressure him into second gear. We knew that GGG he’s still a fierce puncher. But we didn’t have the right opponent to get more answers.

Michael rosenthal

Rosenthal, through his chronicle in Boxing Junkie is another of those who thinks that Golovkin it is still the same as before.

«Gennady Golovkin looks like him GGG of the old days, and not as a GGG old. He showed that he is far from finished at 38 years old. The discreet performance (against Derevyanchenko) which came after a draw and a loss against him Canelo Alvarez, had raised doubts about whether Golovkin it had begun its decline. But he looked as good as ever on Friday.

Joseph Santoliquito

In his analysis for the magazine The Ring, Joseph Santoliquito the triumph of Golovkin is a clear message for him Canelo Alvarez.

«Forgive the GGG 38 years old for looking like an Adonis in his titular defense of his belts FIB and IBO against an overrun Polish challenger Kamil Szeremeta, 31, on Friday night.

With Alvarez fighting Saturday night Golovkin the best Libra fighter for Libra sent a clear missive with an emphatic seven-round beating on Szeremeta in a result that was never in doubt since the contracts were signed.

Golovkin made history with his successful 21st middleweight defense, surpassing the mark previously held by the Hall of Famer, Bernard Hopkins«.

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