Want more! José Aldo seeks to reign in UFC: “My career is not over yet”

Want more!  José Aldo seeks to reign in UFC: "My career is not over yet"

The seasoned and legendary fighter, Jose Aldo, has a new chance to get back on track for glory, in the UFC Vegas 17. The Brazilian will face the Ecuadorian Marlon «Chito» Vera, in the co-star contest of a historic evening. It will be the last of the year, so all the attention is focused there. Although his age leaves him somewhat removed from the title shot, he hopes to achieve a victory that will place him among the best.

Marlon vera He comes from defeating Sean O’Malley, so he arrives with a fairly high intonation. Knowing that his rival arrives with a defeat in his last fight, the Ecuadorian will try to remove the smile from his face and sink him further into a hole that seems very deep. In any case, his career and the victories he has achieved throughout it have left him in a position that many would like to be in. Tonight, sparks will be drawn.

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Starting with his words, the Brazilian explained the following: “I think it was a great fight. The only thing missing was the result, but I think it was an excellent fight. I think it was a good performance, I did well among the things that I set out to do. It means a lot. I wanted to be one of the greatest when I started in this sport. I respect everyone, it means a lot, but I’m still active, I still think I have a lot to do ».

Will you be victorious?

“It’s a legacy that I set out to make, so I want to win all my fights. My dream is to become the champion of this division, that’s why I lost weight, so this is my biggest dream. It’s quite distant at the moment, we have to walk one step at a time. I don’t feel any pressure. I have always had great performances and I have lost against well classified people, so I have no pressure, “he also added to his words.

To close, Jose Aldo He acknowledged: «It is only my third fight in the division, I accepted a challenge and I think I am doing well. I will always think that my next opponent is a great opponent. No matter who it is, I put them on high to make the fight big. I have to take one step at a time. First, I think about Marlon Vera now, and then I have to win again, and then, who knows, in the near future, if Petr still has the belt, I can fight him.

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