Angry? Yoel Romero’s words to the UFC for his dismissal: “I asked all the questions”

Angry?  Yoel Romero's words to the UFC for his dismissal: "I asked all the questions"

The already expeller of UFC, Yoel romero, will have a new opportunity in MMA, when he debuts in Bellator shortly. The Cuban left the company that Dana White commands a few days ago, after four attempts to keep the title. In this way, he will have to give his best in the competition, although he could face very tough opponents. That being the case, he revealed what is going on in his head today, after having moved away from the company that made him grow.

Thus, Rosemary He began by saying, “First of all, it was something that was completely unexpected. I was already training very hard, preparing myself. We were already thinking of fighting in January or February. We were looking to fight the top 3 in any division, 185, 205. My managers explained this to the top of the UFC. They wanted me to fight Uriah Hall, Derek Brunson, and we explained that it made no sense for me to fight these young men.

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“I know it is a good company, I know the president personally. I was in Strikeforce when I came from Germany. I’ve been working with the president of Bellator for a while, I’m happy. It’s almost like when a son comes back from war, you feel very good and content and happy and happy. When i started in UFC I only had four fights, so I’m thankful to the UFC. I think all my martial arts were learned by being part of the UFC, “he also highlighted.

A true champion

For its part, I the He stressed: “So I thank you for all the knowledge that I have had, but I believe that whenever the highest God wants to give you something better, He will transfer you from wherever you are. I learned by fighting, I learned by fire, fighting athletes who had much more knowledge than me at the time. Having to fight them, deal with them with the resources that I had with the skills that I had and keep growing and learning and I know I’m going to UFC being the 185 best in the world ».

“It’s not because I say so, it’s because all the fans say so. Every time they see me walking down the street, they all say, ‘You are the true champion.’ I fought incredible athletes, great athletes, legendary athletes. The fights that I had against some of the best fighters, athletes, were in that company. I walk away knowing I had the best knockouts, having the best fight of the year against Robert Whittaker, getting multiple bonuses for the best fight or the best knockout. I am very happy. I leave this company very happy “, he concluded Yoel romero.

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