Bomb! Derek Brunson accepted Kevin Holland’s challenge: “Send me the contract as soon as possible”

Bomb!  Derek Brunson accepted Kevin Holland's challenge: "Send me the contract as soon as possible"

Kevin Holland is one of the best fighters today, so Derek Brunson could be your next rival. The American has a 21-5 MMA, 8-2 UFC record and capped off his 2020 with an impressive knockout over Jacaré Souza. In this way, you have the perfect potential to be able to reach the title in no time. In any case, this possible and new opponent would be somewhat different from the previous ones, since they have similar characteristics.

A few hours ago, Holland spoke with ESPN and revealed why he wants to Brunson then in the prime of his professional career. That being the case, he affirmed that the two have many things to lose if they are defeated, understanding that they are the future of the UFC. It should be noted that Derek asked Kevin for help for his fight with Israel Adesanya, which was in 2018. Without hesitation for a second, he refused and did not support him. Now, on social networks, he asked to be sent the contract of the contest.

A passionate! Kevin Holland asked to fight in 7 days against an undefeated: «I want him»

Thus, Brunson He then spoke and said, “We have had some little talks. We were supposed to be on the same card when he fought Edmen Shahbazyan. He was supposed to fight Trevin Giles. That fight fell apart. I was quietly waiting for their fight to break down so I could fight him that night. It didn’t work. I was watching him warm up in the back room. It just looks weird when heated. “

“It hits me so funny. I want to beat him up because I don’t like the way he hits. It just looks awkward. It’s like disrespect when hitting. It’s sad that he knocked out forwards before with that strange blow, “he closed Derek Brunson. That being the case, what he said does not go unnoticed Holland days ago: ‘It’s my job to get that out of the ballpark in such a great way that the guy everyone calls the last-second king, Khamzat (Chimaev) will want to step a week early and regain his place Main event. But we’ll see how much influence I get after this one.

What will Dana White do?

‘Everybody knows these guys aren’t fighting anyone unless they have some influence, unless it’s me. So you fight everyone; guy who shows up on his first day at work and smokes them. You’re supposed to be fighting someone else, still go in and smoke them. Just smoke them like a joint. That’s what I do. Just smoke them like a joint. I want to fight him this December 19. Let Dana White give it to me. I am going to liquidate him like any other, “he said. Kevin Holland to close.

Derek Brunson’s response.
Derek Brunson.
Derek Brunson vs. Kevin Holland.

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