Canelo Álvarez deactivated Callum Smith and won him a loose unanimous decision

El Canelo Álvarez desactivó a Callum Smith y le ganó una holgada decisión unánime

Saúl «Canelo» Álvarez was vastly superior to Callum smith and won him by a loose unanimous decision to strip him of the super world championship of the AMB at 168 pounds and the magazine’s champion belt The Ring. In addition, he won the world championship of the CMB that was vacant.

The Mexican offered a tactical and technical deployment that surpassed in all lines a Callum smith, brave and tough, but tied up and overly cautious throughout the fight.

How Canelo Álvarez deactivated Callum Smith’s most dangerous weapon

The key in combat for the triumph of Canelo was basing much of the fight on the use of his left hand. And it is that the most visible plan of the Mexican was never to move the right glove of the chin, to always keep it up, protecting that flank. With that, the Canelo disabled the most dangerous weapon in Callum smith, his knockout blow: the left hook.

Thus, the Canelo he worked with jabs, and he got into the guard to put uppers that began to hurt the nose of the Englishman who ended up bleeding from that part.

Both fighters studied each other perfectly. Just like him Canelo neutralized the left hand of Callum, the Englishman only once ate the feint with which the Mexican knocked out Kovalev: feint that goes with the left hook down to surprise by pulling it up towards the chin. That blow, that the Canelo and the stable of fighters Eddy reynoso have well worked, collapsed Sergey Kovalevbut could not bring down Callum smith. When the Canelo managed to get it in, shook Callum, but the British assimilated it well.

Callum Smith slow hands

The first thing that stood out was that Callum smith He showed up slow-handed. His punches were thrown in slow motion and with little explosiveness compared to Smith that we knew from previous fights. The Englishman’s hands were not powerful, nor were they clear, they were rather blows that when they entered it was because he organized his combination well to open a gap in the guard of the Canelo and hit him. But he seldom found violence to hurt the Canelo.

The brief good moments of Callum Smith

Throughout the fight, the official card of LEFT PUNCH he only saw win Callum smith in rounds five or six. And when he did it was because Smith he was encouraged to let go of his hands and keep Canelo busy in his defense.

In the moment in which Callum smith He increased his hitting rate, a clear difference was noticed in his boxing. He seemed more explosive, and smart to combine. Although at no time did he appear to hurt the Mexican, he did appear to dominate the actions.

However, after that brief span of mastery of Callum smith, the fight returned to the same tonic. A Callum smith cautious, a Canelo Alvarez comfortable in the middle distance and pushing the English.

El Canelo and his defensive lesson

The Mexican also shone in his defense. When he began to decipher the patterns in the combinations of SmithHe began to show off, taking off blows with his waist. Thus, he nullified the only weapon that had seemed more or less effective in English in the fight, which was the uppercut.

He Canelo always proposed the fight, pressured Smith throughout the fight. And thus forced Callum smith to fight the whole fight in reverse, to walk backwards trying to throw blows, but lacking enough power.

In previous analyzes, it seemed that the Canelo could get into the short field to put more pressure on Callum, but it did not. Saul he kept fighting in the middle distance, but he managed to get the jab from there.

The knockout that Callum Smith resisted until the end

Starting in the ninth round, the fight leaned even more clearly to the side of the Canelo. At times it seemed that the Canelo could knock out Callum, but the blows that he managed to connect, although they entered with forcefulness on the Englishman, at no time seemed to hurt the Englishman. Thus, the greatest merit of Callum smith Saturday night was reaching the final bell.

The three judges saw the Canelo Alvarez loosely. Two, 119-109; and the other, 117-111. The official card of LEFT PUNCH saw win Canelo 118-110, where Callum smith he only won the fifth and sixth rounds.

El Canelo, lord and master of 168 pounds

Saúl «Canelo» Álvarez gave a stroke of authority. Could not knock out Callum, but he showed that he had the boxing resources to dominate the best fighter in the division, in equal circumstances as there was no rehydration clause.

Yes Callum smith could not do anything before Canelo AlvarezIt is difficult to see another super middleweight that could represent a problem for the Mexican. Neither Billy joe saunders, neither Caleb Plant neither David benavidez have the combination of physical strength and technical sophistication that the Canelo demonstrated Saturday night in San Antonio.

In his quest to sweep the divide, the Canelo He has already fastened two of the four belts at his waist. He will leave the Alamodome in San Antonio tonight, as the super middleweight world champion of the CMB, and as a super champion of the AMB.

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