Canelo’s tactics to totally dominate Callum Smith and beat him, according to his brother Liam

Las tácticas del Canelo para dominar totalmente a Callum Smith y vencerlo, según su hermano Liam

Liam Smith, older brother of Callum and part of the team, decipher the tactics he applied Saúl «Canelo» Álvarez to dominate Callum and beat him by unanimous decision on Saturday night. Liam doesn’t think there is any fighter right now who can beat the Canelo.

Callum’s arm injury

During the fight, Callum smith suffered a bicep detachment in his left arm, but Liam Smith He doesn’t see that as an excuse, but as part of the facts of a boxing match. And also as part of the tactic of the Canelo.

«The injury came from what the Canelo I was doing ”, he said Liam in interview for IFL TV. Then you can’t blame the injury so much. It was caused because the Canelo I was hitting him. He was aiming to hit him on the arm. It’s something he’s known to have sought out with other fighters. “

Liam believes it was one of the tactics of the Canelo to throw blows to the arms of Callum smith to hurt them. And that, in this way, he could not keep a high guard, in order to be able to knock him out later in the fight.

Yes, I think that was a tactic of yours against him (Callum)”, recognize Liam. «I had heard another fighter say the same thing. Yes it was a tactic, but it is part of boxing. I do not take anything away from him, he is on another level, he has not lost anything in his capacity. You can name me any 160 or 168 fighter and none of them beats him.

How Canelo nullified Callum’s left hook

As a result of the arm injury, Callum he was throwing little his best shot, the left hook. AND Liam believe that Canelo he annulled it, first by hurting his arm, but also by the Mexican’s defensive tactic.

«Canelo he was using his right hand a lot, mainly to cover himself, “he explains Liam. “He feigned and shot, and feinted or shot the right hook. He did very well by taking away Callum his best shot. We told him to keep throwing his left hook, even if it hit his hand or elbow, tire him out.

Canelo’s defense

After the fight on Saturday night, Liam Smith believe that Canelo he is a super class, and one of the best fighters in the world.

“Defensively, I think he’s the best fighter in the world, and by kilometers,” he explained. Liam. «He slides blows very well, blocks blows very well. It is very difficult to hit it clearly. He’s something special, he’s a good fighter, and he can make a fighter look very bad.

And he recognizes that with his defense, he missed many blows to Callum, and made it look bad.

“For this fight, rehydration was fine,” he explains. Liam. «Callum It looked solid and powerful, but when your punches hit the air, you will always look slow.

Who can beat Canelo?

Liam Smith does not believe that at this time there is a fighter who can beat the Canelo, not even at 175 pounds.

“I hope that Billy joe saunders may have a chance against him, but I think Canelo is getting better and better, “he explains Liam. “I think Billy joe He has a style that can cause problems for him, he’s a solid fighter at 168, southpaw, but I don’t think anyone can beat him at Canelo, neither Benavidez, neither Plant, neither Andrade. I wouldn’t even be very confident that in larger divisions, someone like Artur Beterbiev can defeat the Canelo, nor would I be very confident that Bivol do it.

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