“I do take on challenges, I gain weight, I win championships and I continue to make history”: Canelo Álvarez

Yo sí asumo retos, subo de peso, gano campeonatos y sigo haciendo historia: Canelo Álvarez

Saúl ‘Canelo’ Álvarez won one of the strongest victories in his boxing history by winning a unanimous decision over Callum smith, leaves San Antonio more convinced than ever that good times are coming for him.

“I feel very good, I did a very good job with a fighter of greater weight, number one at this weight,” said the Canelo after combat. “Thank you to everyone present for your unconditional support, we will continue to make history. This is the era of Canelo«

Canelo He finally seems to look comfortable in the 168-pound division, and that will be where the Mexican will campaign.

Despite the long downtime due to the pandemic of the COVID 19, Álvarez was able to demonstrate technical and tactical prowess over Callum smith.

«Smith He is a very strong fighter, my respects for him, but I am the best in the world and that is for a reason, “proclaimed the Canelo. “I feel very strong at super middleweight, I don’t wear out and I don’t feel bad at all. After 13 months without fighting I feel incredible and I have a lot to prove »

What’s next for Canelo Álvarez?

Canelo Álvarez declared that the best is yet to come in his history and career. The list of possible rivals that he would be facing in 2021 is already beginning to be considered, which from now on seems to be very busy.

Something that may surprise some, but surely moved more than one, is that he did not disdain at all a third confrontation with his long-time rival, Gennady ‘GGG’ Golovkin.

“This is one of my best triumphs, I want to unify all the belts,” said Canelo. «I have already overcome the first challenge and I am going for the other champions. Whoever is there, let’s go get him. I want to unify all the belts. I have proven that I have fought with the best, but if you have to give a third fight against Golovkin for people to enjoy, that’s fine »

Alvarez He ended the post-fight interview, sending a message to what appears to be his detractors and also emphasized once again how motivated, focused and pleased he feels with what he lives in his boxing career.

“But I want to make it clear that I do take on challenges, gain weight, win championships and continue to make history,” said the Canelo. «The best of my career is coming, I feel very mature, stronger and settled. The best is yet to come”.

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