Lewis Hamilton secured a fundamental companion for his renovation: “It will be necessary”

Lewis Hamilton

Despite not having his renewal confirmed with the team Mercedes, Lewis Hamilton has already started to draw its 2021 in the Formula 1. The signing of the contract for the next season is only a formality, since even the official account of the team assured that the announcement is about to fall. However, the own Toto wolff He assured that it can be delayed until the preseason.

The Brit is enjoying his days off, with his pet Roscoe and your loved ones. Despite that, the world of Formula 1 remains his main concern. The Mercedes driver assured that he wants to continue at the highest level, and secured a key piece for the negotiations: Toto Wolff. The head of the German team renewed his position for three years.

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Hamilton was very happy to see his ally at Mercedes continue to lead. In addition, he highlighted the role that Wolff plays in the team. “On the most incredible side, I am very proud and grateful to see Toto signing. He is an important leading figure within this team, and the success we have achieved would not have been possible without him, ”said Lewis.

On the other hand, the seven-time champion commented that it will be important for Toto Wolff to keep improving and working for Mercedes. “It is an important piece, and I think it is the best thing for the team, to have that longevity, and it is great to see that commitment from Mercedes. It will take a great boost for us to continue raising the bar in this organization, because I think we have done a great job in recent years, “he added.


To sentence, Hamilton spoke about how was the year of coexistence between Formula 1 and the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). “On the one hand, I am really grateful that Formula 1 has allowed us to return and that it allowed us to return to what we like. But on the other, we have seen the isolation around the world, the difficulties that people have experienced, losing their jobs, many situations, which, as I said, were a roller coaster of emotions, “he said to finish.

Mercedes’ wink on the announcement of the renovation

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