Was necessary? Binotto’s controversial phrase in Carlos Sainz’s presentation: “It’s too soon”

Carlos Sainz

Carlos Sainz was presented publicly this Friday at the traditional Christmas dinner, along with Mattia Binotto and Charles Leclerc which is made in the Maranello factory. The Spanish was present in a surprising way, since his visit to Ferrari. He was working with the Ferrari team engineers and began preparing for the 2021 season alongside the Italian structure.

Although his visit to Ferrari will be a day he will never forget, during the presentation there was a very uncomfortable situation for the Spanish driver. Mattia Binotto had an unfortunate phrase, which many fans took as a lack of respect for the image of Sainz. At the press conference, the Swiss engineer demonstrated his capabilities as a team leader.

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Ferrari future

The wick of the controversy was lit when talking about the arrival of Mick schumacher to Formula 1. Binotto hinted that Sainz (who has a two-year contract) is a bridge for Schumacher to come to Ferrari in the future. “The Ferrari Driver Academy It was not created to breed Formula 1 drivers, but to create the next Ferrari driver. Today is too early to decide but there are premises to see Mick in red in 2023, ″ said Binotto on the day of Sainz’s presentation.

«If I look at your experience in Formula 2 and in Formula 3, he has usually given his best in the second season and not in the first. I think Mick learns a lot in the first season and becomes very strong in the second half of the second season. So I think two seasons will be important to him, “he added.

Finally, Binotto once again emphasized the possibility that Schumacher is at Ferrari. “I really hope he shows how fast he is in a Formula 1 context, both in qualifying and in the race. We want it to show that it is very strong in race pace and consistent in terms of bringing the car home in a good position.

Binotto and Mick Schumacher. Source: Ferrari

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