“Canelo tried to hit my arm, to deactivate my left hook,” says Callum Smith.

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Canelo buscó golpear mi brazo, para desactivar mi gancho izquierdo, asegura Callum Smith

Callum smith ensures that from the beginning of the fight, Saúl ‘Canelo’ Álvarez he sought to be hitting him on his left arm to hurt him and completely nullify the left hook, his best shot.

It was intentional. I knew it from the first round, “he said. Callum smith in interview for Social Boxing. “I told Joe (his coach) in the first round: ‘He’s looking for my arm.’ Every right hook he threw went to my arm. And then I think I told Joe In the fourth round or something like that: ‘My arm is already screwed up.’

Alvarez widely defeated Smith by unanimous decision and unified champion was consecrated AMB and CMB on Saturday December 19 at San Antonio Texas. Callum smith he ended up with a serious swelling in his left arm, and it was reported that he had suffered a muscle displacement of the left biceps as a result of striking the Canelo.

Punish Callum Smith’s arm to nullify his left hook

With this strategy, by punishing his arm, he ensures Callum, he Canelo sought to diminish the strength and weakness of that arm, and thereby nullify the left hook of Smith.

“Somehow that took away my left hook, which is my best shot,” Smith explained. And if that was a plan they had, it worked wonderfully. Because when I was throwing punches, I remembered George groves He threw me a couple of hooks and I thought, ‘Well, you’re throwing the right hook. I’m going to connect you in the next one. ‘ And the next, I counterattacked (with the left hook) ».

The one Canelo was throwing the right hook, it was the perfect situation for Callum looked for his own left hook, but the situation did not work out as the English wanted.

«If you had told me at the beginning that Canelo I was going to throw so many right hooks, “he says Callum, “I probably would have thought I could counter with my own (left) hook. Some people asked me about it afterwards, because they thought my (left) hand was hurt because someone was throwing so many right hooks at me (Canelo) and I was not able to counterattack ».

But Callum I was not countering back, because the Canelo had been pulling that right hook towards the left arm of Callum and soon, the English saw the capacity of that arm diminished.

“By hitting me on the arm, it made my arm fall instead of being able to respond with a blow,” he explains. Smith. Still, I could throw away the soap with him. He didn’t completely remove my left arm, he just nullified that specific hit (the left hook). And I give all the credit to him, because I think he knew what he was doing.

Even, Callum reveals that the Canelo he noticed how his arm was swelling.

«In the twelfth round, (Canelo) saw the inflammation, and asked me laughing: ‘Is it inflamed?’, reveals Callum. «This speaks of his experience. It completely took away my best shot.

But even if the injury to his arm never happened, Smith think the best man won on Saturday night and that was the ‘Canelo ‘Álvarez.

“It is not an excuse. If he had had both hands throughout the fight, would he have won the fight? Probably not. (Canelo) was too good for me that night, “he said Smith.

Liam Smith noticed the same

The older brother of Callum, Liam Smith, he also noticed that the Canelo He was hitting the Englishman’s left arm to reduce it.

«The injury came from what the Canelo I was doing ”, he said Liam in interview for IFL TV. Then you can’t blame the injury so much. It was caused because the Canelo I was hitting him. He was aiming to hit him on the arm. It’s something he’s known to have sought out with other fighters. “

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