Do you want the title? Taila Santos crushed Gillian Robertson and is excited: “I want to evolve”

Do you want the title?  Taila Santos crushed Gillian Robertson and is excited: "I want to evolve"

The renowned Brazilian fighter, Taila santos, beat Gillian robertson by unanimous decision at UFC Vegas 17. The fight took place on Saturday on the preliminary card, where both gave everything of themselves to try to climb positions. Although the South American completely dominated the game, the Canadian always something to give and that is why she will not stop thinking about the title. Both have to fight for the belt, which they will look for next year.

Taila santos (17-1 MMA, 2-1 UFC), after the fight, he began by saying the following: “My game plan was to do a standing fight, but I was not worried about going to the ground. I was very well prepared for this fight, so once the fight went down, I knew I was ready to fight her. He wasn’t expecting an easy fight, and he knew that Robertson was very, very tough. But I’m happy for my performance that I was able to do tonight.

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“I would be very happy if my name appeared in the rankings, but it doesn’t worry me. I just want to fight whoever wants to step up and fight me in UFC. I want to be better, I want to evolve and I want to open the year with a good performance. That’s. It would be amazing to fight in Brazil. The energy there is perfect. It’s better for me. If it happens, I would love to fight there, “closed the South American, who wants to be able to appear before her audience.

Robertson’s thinking

Also, on the other hand, Gillian robertson (9-5 MMA, 6-3 UFC) also spoke and dictated: “I know that if I want to be the champion one day, I have to beat all these girls in the division. So if I can’t beat Santos, then I don’t deserve to have the belt. If I’m going to work there, I’ll take any fight. Even through my camps, I feel like they are trying to pressure me and put me through difficult mental situations. And try to break me in those moments.

So when it comes to those moments in the fight, I know I can persevere and I know I can keep going. I think that’s what developed me as a fighter. What got me to the point where I am today is that I never said no to fighting. I took all the fights I could and was always willing to be there. So I took every opportunity and now it has taken me places, so I am grateful for that, “concluded the American.

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