Get scared! Jimmy Flick came to the UFC to intimidate all flyweights: “Three or four times in 2021”

Get scared!  Jimmy Flick came to the UFC to intimidate all flyweights: "Three or four times in 2021"

Jimmy Flick just arrived at UFC and he is already giving something to talk about, after what was a great presentation at the Dana White’s Contender Series. Of course, he begins to put fear in his division, after what was his debut in the company. This one achieved a flying triangular choke that was talked about, but also brought home a $ 50,000 Performance of the Night bonus. Now, you want to take the opportunity to rest on vacation.

“With Christmas just around the corner, and I still have a full-time job, it will really help me get back part-time and then hopefully be able to stop working in 2021,” was what he said. Flick initially. In turn, he added: “Many people do not understand it, the UFC it doesn’t come with a 401k and benefits, which does my job. I’m trying to keep the ball rolling from fighting to working to training as hard as I can to take care of my family.

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“I am a black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. I love to give my leg and usually throw a flying triangle. As a fan I threw a head kick earlier and got the flying triangle. It just feels natural to me. I am an auctioneer. That is what I like to do. It does not matter if I am looking for presentations or if I am at the top looking for presentations, I am looking for the end at all times, “acknowledged the extraordinary fighter.

To close with his sayings, he also highlighted what he wants to achieve in the coming year: “I want to fight at least three or four times next year. I want a top 15 opponent if possible. If not, I’ll take whoever gives me the UFC, but I’m chasing these top 15 opponents. The flyweight division is booming right now. I’m 4-0 this year at flyweight with all the results. I’m looking to keep the ball rolling in 2021. “

His arrival at the UFC

In week 5 of the DWCS, Jimmy Flick vs. Nate Smith were in the co-star. Each episode of the show has ten fighters entering the Octagon, every Tuesday night, although now we will have to wait for them to resume activity. The ten fighters of that day tried to stay with a contract of UFC, where only three of them got it. Among those who were able to make the leap was precisely him, who is already beginning to put pressure on the company.

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