Mario Ledesma praised Nicolás Sánchez

Mario Ledesma, coach of The Pumas, I’m going through Scrum and left your feelings about Nicolas Sanchez, one of the pillars of the Argentine team in recent times.

“Nico always appeared with the right word, he was always attentive to all the members of the team, be it staff or players. Wherever he saw a player or staff who was under he approached and you saw him chatting and put himself at the service of the team that it’s where he can best express his strengths “ stated the Argentine coach in Scrum.

Ledesma, who had had an emotional hug with Sánchez in the Captain’s Run that had ended in tears, also stated that “I never cease to be surprised, not so much on the court, but off the court where he was one of the pillars of the tour. That makes me very happy for him and very happy for the team that Nico is like this. “