Shocking! Geoff Neal claimed to be partially blind in his fight with Thompson: “I’m proud”

Shocking!  Geoff Neal claimed to be partially blind in his fight with Thompson: "I'm proud"

Stephen Thompson closed the last event of the year beating Geoff neal by decision, in the stellar contest of UFC Vegas 17. This event ended with the activity of a tumultuous 2020, where the aforementioned shone within the most famous octagon in the world. Although he knew it would not be an easy duel, he was positive for his conditions. Although he ended up falling for the points that the judges awarded him, he left a gigantic image of endurance and heart.

The unanimous decision against him, where each of the judges delivered a 50 to 45, was a huge blow to him. Anyway, in a press conference after the event, Geoff revealed that, in reality, there was another blow that hurt him more. He himself acknowledged that he spent four rounds without being able to see with one of his eyes, after what was a real battle in the cage. This was a big step for him, understanding that great things could come with better results.

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Thus, Neal He began by saying, “So much adversity that led to this fight. Sepsis, congestive heart failure, three of my corners tested positive for covid, one of them being Fortis MMA general head coach Sayif Saud, but I still did that walk and fought that fight. I couldn’t see with my right eye for four rounds and still managed to put up with a guy who’s been kicking butt since he was, like, nine years old. “

I don’t know about you, but I’m proud of myself! Big shout out to Wonderboy. True definition of a martial artist. Never stop being my man. And tell your dad I said thank you for the water. PS: This is not an excuse Wonderboy is good as shit *, “he concluded Geoff neal in the networks, who admits to being very happy and happy for the work he did. Although he did not win, he does not lose hope that he will be able to do so the next time.

What Thompson said

After the fight, Stephen Thompson He highlighted: «It was a great year and I am very happy to have achieved this victory. It was not easy at all, everyone could see it. He was a very tough opponent and he really resisted every one of my blows very well. It was 25 minutes at full steam and that really is tiring. Anyway, we both finished very well and we had gasoline to go on. We collide heads and automatically both start to bleed. I think that conditioned us. Now, I’ll see what comes next for me.

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