And now? Deiveson Figueiredo was very controversial about Brandon Moreno: “I won all the rounds”

And now?  Deiveson Figueiredo was very controversial about Brandon Moreno: "I won all the rounds"

The Brazilian champion of UFC, Deiveson Figueiredo, spoke with the press for hours and left controversial words. Just over a week ago, he found himself head-on against Brandon Moreno, a Mexican jewel of Mixed Martial Arts. This did not make things easy for him, so it was complicated and he only got a draw for a new defense of his title. But now, the king of the category assures that he should have won that fight.

In this way, Figueiredo He began by explaining: “By analyzing each round, I won all the rounds. Unfortunately, I don’t know what happened to not give me the victory. There was that point deduction, but even with a draw in that round, I won every round. Now I will return for this rematch and I will break Moreno so that there are no more doubts. I didn’t give him a single round. I walked forward the whole time, attacking Brown«.

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“He had an immediate response for every attack he made. For me, in my concept, I won all five rounds. I want this rematch so that there is no doubt. I want to be well and show my work. That guy who fought Moreno, that wasn’t me. He can be sure of that. I will train hard for him now and it will be a completely different fight. I had that infection that almost took me out of the fight, “the champion also added to his words.

At the same time, Deiveson He said: “My father taught me to be a man and I didn’t want to retire. I said to myself, I want to fight and bring this victory home. He was warming up and had no idea what would happen in this fight. I had a feeling it would be difficult because that infection completely knocked me out of the game. Inside me I knew that I couldn’t be the fighter that I am. I like to break up with people, but something inside me said it wouldn’t be easy, and that’s what really happened.

The problem that almost left him out

“My intestine stopped working and I started to feel some pain half an hour later. I was in the conference room where Dana White talks about bonuses and I had to get up and go, stopped in the hallway and tried to throw up. They called the doctor and he gave me some pain medicine, and it helped a little. I tried to sleep a little at 6 in the afternoon and when I woke up, I told my corners that I couldn’t take it anymore, “he closed Deiveson Figueiredo.

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